Best of Me Digest – 17/07/12

I have an expectation of how healthcare professionals (HCP) use digital in their professional capacity because of the many pharma clients I work with. I argue that doctors are digitally savvy, yet many clients aren’t convinced. While at the doctor on Friday for my little girl (a dermatologist checking out goose-pimple skin), could you imagine my delighted surprise when my specialist instructed her 2 post-grads to “Google it”? No fancy expensive medical subscription or out-of-date printed journal referred to – they went straight for the big guns in Google. Even in this age of ubiqiutious access to information, it’s all about understanding, interpreting and syncing the information with real world experience rather than simply access to data. As a customer, I wouldn’t have taken much notice of Google’s answers on my own – sure Google has all the information, but the smarts come from the expert telling us what to do with that information.

Don’t fret, Angelique’s results meant add Sorbolene Cream!

Retail Innovation


It’s one of the hottest topics in digital – how to innovate the traditional retail space. We know online shopping is going through the roof, but how do we drive traffic back to the bricks & mortar? In the US more than half of the items bought on are collected in store. In the UK House of Fraser have had some success where you can try any product but you then order it on a screen and collect the next day. The store benefit is that people often buy something else when they come in to collect. Personally, I find that weird because I just don’t have the time to return the next day when I can pop it under my arm right there and then. Web return centres are simply clever and pick-up locations are ideal, it’s going to be an interesting space over the next 12 months.

Train of Taste


If you know me, you know I’m a foodie. Not the cooking type, the devouring type. Being Greek, food was the centre of my family’s universe (and it continues to be). Our neighbours, the Italians, have combined this same food-centric approach to life and have created the “Train of Taste” – a train offering gastronomic excursions featuring delicacies of the regions it passes through, accompanied by local wines. There’s a franchise in this for sure – such a simple concept and for somewhere as beautiful as Italy, it would be a fabulous journey. I vote Spain to follow.

Great Blogger Relations


One area I’m asked quite a bit about is how to engage with bloggers to reach the audiences they’ve built up themselves. I’ve certainly seen some bad examples, so it’s nice to share some success stories with you. Word of Mouth is pretty important, and making sure what gets circulated is top of the priority list. Here are 9 great examples to learn from and garner your blogger relationships.

Social Media Marketing Case Studies


It’s difficult to find case studies when you’re looking for them – so here I’ve found 7 great case studies from various (and uncommon) industries & products for you to check out. We’ve got Sharpie (developed a community & inspired creativity), Weapons and Martial Art Supplies (ensured content was king), Evian (embracing user generated content) and Pizza (regional company growing their audience) – all with something different to learn from.

Recycling Nappies


Mums who tackle reusable nappies are quite special in my eyes, and as a user of disposable nappies (for my kids, not me) I’m constantly aware of how many bags of soiled nappies I throw out – they take up the majority of my rubbish bin space. Zero Waste in Scotland has hatched a plan to recycle soiled nappies and turn them into a range of products including park benches, garden furniture, decking, bollards, railway sleepers, fencing, roof tiles and cardboard. Whilst they’re in a 6 week pilot stage, this global environmental challenge could have found a solution. I wonder why it’s taken so long to get to this point when we have things like pointless apps….which brings me to our next story…..

There’s an App for that?


I think there are some truly dumb apps out there and so I was determined to find a few for you to laugh at. I guess some people like these because my husband started smirking at me when I mentioned there’s an app that makes a whipping sound (as seen on The Big Bang Theory) or the one that sounds like a lightsaber. What about a scanner that detects zombies? For photos – turn your photos into Lego bricks, or digitally enhancing your pics to glam you up before you post. The worst of the lot – and don’t judge me for it – Fling Poo (it does exactly that). See what I mean! Why on earth would you need some of these apps? (Kudos to Tim for these beauties.)

Can your web visits predict your politics?


I’m dubious about the algorithm behind this one, however it’s interesting to think that by monitoring our social media activities, we can be categorised into our political positions. Or so says Engage, a digital agency who’s been mapping the activity. It’s interesting but I wouldn’t bet my next federal election outcomes on it.


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