Best of Me Digest – 17/01/12

Welcome back everyone. With every new year comes a new beginning for so many, new year’s resolutions, new systems & procedures and for me, a new hair colour. Mike decided to try something different and wrote his first blog post of the year – looking at the productivity of time management -v- attention management which really raises a few questions around writing your lists and prioritisation for 2012. My trip back to the UK introduced me to Sloe Gin (which I thought was a Gin you sipped slowly), a painful journey on Emirates (which despite the good reputation, I found to be a horrible customer experience) and realising that I had under-estimated the cold of Britain down in Devon (gorgeous Granary pic here). A holiday is always great, but gee it’s good to be home.

Drs and Dentists in Facebook


The health industry in Australia is highly regulated and so it should be after the onslaught of awfulness that our US friends have to endure. Speak to anyone in the industry and social media is a definite no-no, however I do think there is a time and a place for some innovation in this field. WhichDoc is a New York based company that taps a user’s Facebook profile for doctor and dentist referrals. All suggestions are kept anonymous, so users never know which friends are seeing a therapist. As Contagious point out in their blog, the strength of word of mouth and trust amongst our networks are on the rise, surely this is something possible even under the highly contentious Medicines Australia COP?

Sydney Festival


Are you missing out on all the awesome goings-on at Sydney Festival? Well fret no more – if you haven’t caught up with Sydney Festival TV as yet, then get onto it! STVDIO Channel is doing a sterling job of reliving the most exciting dance, theatre, opera, film, music and arts for our personal enjoyment. Never miss a moment of the best in the arts & entertainment world by signing up to your personalised newsletter.

Your Next Recruitment?


When I started blogging I had a firm vision that my blogs would be about helping people in one way or another. Perhaps the last link I sent out helped to make someone’s life easier. When I came across Break Thru, I found they were helping people too – in a very different way. This is not your typical recruitment service. Just ask Lloyd who works at Droga5 . Employment of people with disadvantages is not an act of charity, it’s good business sense. Before you seek out your next graduate, ask yourself as an employer, how can I really make a difference in our community?

Why every brand should be on Google+


There’s been a lot of “wait & see” with Google+ and I must admit that I don’t have a lot of contacts who have populated a profile on the Google network. Brands on the other hand may have a big reason to – with recent changes allowing you to overlay your social network (that is, Google+ network) over your search results. So what value is that exactly? Mike explains the impact and clarifies the position for brands in question.

Everyday activities changing lives


OneFeat is a social game that rewards people for carrying out ordinary missions or challenges – like “ride a roller coaster,” “visit your grandma” or “find the best Happy Birthday cake”. James had to do a range of these tasks as part of his army training to demonstrate resourcefulness (except his included things like driving a sports car valued over $350k, train with an international sports star etc). Take this whole concept one step further, and you have WeTopia – play the game and make real-world donations for virtual purchases through a partner charity. We seem addicted to gaming so why not spend your time influencing the real world instead of those virtual crops and cities.

Take a deep breath


You may recall these stop smoking ads from radio a few years back. Quit Victoria has managed to translate this powerful action-based ad into a digital execution. It was compelling on radio and I have to say it had the same effect on me watching a rather bland creative.

Free Education from MIT


The ‘Occupy Movements’ in various cities cited social injustice of college tuition.  Well Massachusetts Intitutate of Technology (MIT) are putting a spanner in the works by offering an online learning initiative for some of their courses free of charge to anyone around the world. Whilst you won’t earn a full degree, you receive an official certificate of completion. The interactive suite of tools will utilise OpenCourseWare, used by over 100m students, containing material for approx. 2,100 classes.

Clothing for Correspondence


Following my consumerism blog, I can’t stop reading about recycling in various forms. Then I stumbled upon Clothing for Correspondence – an Aussie letter-writing service that asks only an item of clothing in return for its written work. What’s also interesting is that there isn’t a charity behind it at all, the clothing is actually for the writers themselves. Cute.

Unusual Camping Tents


This isn’t exactly digital but it is super cool. I love camping and I love these tents. It’s given me a number of ideas for awesome designs. Unreal!


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