Best of Me Digest – 16/11/11

After another 2 years with long hair, it was time for the big chop. A massive thanks goes out to Captivate Hair & Beauty at local Stanmore for having the guts to chop it off using a picture only. I’m happy with it. According to my husband it makes me look younger & “more fun”.

We’ve got a whole heap going on at Zuni in the last few weeks with plenty to do before the 5 weeks to Christmas comes rolling in. I’d love to hear some crazy Xmas party stories if you’ve got them – and we all know you do. I remember one year my fancy dress outfit was a little revealing, only to find out that I won the Employee of the Year award and had to front a stage in “that” outfit. All I’ll say is sequins. Silver ones.

Cat Lady


It’s pretty rare for me to post about cats when there are so many funny dogs out there, but this is one seriously freaky lady. You see, the video is actually an eHarmony profile video gone a little wrong. I really hope it’s not a hoax, but looking at some of her other videos, it could well be. Still, if I were the freaky cat lady worldwide, I’d post other videos to mask it as well.

Augmented Reality Changes Magic Forever


Sometimes when I think about technology in all its glory, it scares me. Our progression is so darn fast. It gets me thinking back to things, easy to understand things, and then the not-so-easy to understand things, like magic. So when I saw this TED video of illusionist Marco Tempest, it got me thinking all over again – this time of my original stick man drawing. It brings to life the potential of AR, using the humble stick man, so gorgeously clever.

Mobile App or Website?


Having revisited this question in the last week, there are of course arguments on both sides depending on what you are trying to solve. This infographic from Alterian seems to favour the mobile website, but I really believe there is a role to play for both – which you can see below the original infographic, pointing out flaws for the website and siding with the app.

Google Analytics Benchmarking Newsletter


If you weren’t aware of this, then it’s gold. GA used to provide a benchmarking report so you could compare your website with the “norm”, and then it was taken away. The report has re-emerged (albeit in July) and provides some nice site performance data for you, including site metrics, traffic sources and operating systems. Of course keep in mind how the data is filtered, but it does give you some idea of how your site is performing globally.



Softsign. Say it again. Softsign is the must have app of the year. It’s a mobile app that allows users to sign PDF and JPEG documents on-screen with a finger or stylus and then email the legally binding result directly to the recipient. No printing, scanning or faxing is required. 30,000 downloads in 2 months and growing, these young boys from the UK have nailed a cracker of an idea. Gosh I sound old saying that.

I’ll Have What She’s Having


This happens to me often so I love the concept. Selecting food from an unfamiliar menu can be quite daunting – as I found out eating Thai with my mum back in 1984 – seemed we ordered everything we didn’t like. London’s Inamo restaurant has taken the guess work out by displaying images of meals onto the plates of diners. Using a touch mousepad on the table, diners can navigate the interactive ordering system – and of course the technology doesn’t end there – users can play games with other patrons, order taxis, check out what’s on in the ‘hood or even flick over to the live webcam in the kitchen. Innovation at its finest.

Surprising Trends in Social Media


It’s always hard to find good stats on the Aussie landscape compared to the rest of the world – usually our little island is just grouped together with the Asia-Pacific. Here you’ll find 11 slides of very interesting facts & figures in social media and how we perform – like Aussies use instant messaging more than the Amercians (71% v 80%).


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