Best of Me Digest – 14/09/2011

Macquarie Uni’s Digital Gym

I’m no gym bunny, but after checking out James’ latest creation – a gym extension at Mac Uni, I surely could become one. Things have definately changed since I used a cross-trainer or bike. Over 80 pieces of Matrix equipment have been installed – meaning members have their own TV screen on each individual piece of gear, allowing you to watch Sam Stosur win the US Open, trek through the Rockies, catch up on news, charge your iPhone, touch screeen your iPod content on the 15″ screens, utilise the inbuilt Nike+ compatability, all in 9 languages. If you’re feeling particularly active, you can even self-power a 7″ screen yourself – no gain, no tele! Members DON’T have contracts, so if you’re in the North Ryde region take advantage of what’s leading edge and entirely aimed at wow-ing members.


R U OK Day

Sometimes the simplest question can make a massive difference, as in the case of asking, are you ok? R U OK Day is tomorrow – it’s a national day of action which aims to prevent suicide by encouraging Australians to connect with someone they care about and help stop little problems turning into big ones. Please take time to ask someone you care about if they are ok. We all get caught up in our busy worlds and forget that showing you care can completely change someone’s actions and thoughts during a tough time.


Facebook Friend Lists Challenge Google+

I wrote previously that Google+ has a lovely feature of “Circles” – allowing you to customise your friends into categories / lists. It’s probably the one feature that I really liked and would love to have within my Facebook friends. Ta-da, here it is – using , the simplest of online tools which pulls in your friends from Facebook once logged in, coupled with a drag & drop facility. Instant solution, problem solved. Facebook themselves are trying to keep up, revamping their 2007 debut.


iPad Uses for Business

I’ve seen very little impressive use of iPads in business, just nothing that really knocked my socks off. I can understand pharma reps using them to demonstrate their complicated meds to practitioners, but I find most uses, um, boring. Finally I’ve found something innovative, this list of 10 apps covers a range of industries – largely field management, but also some quirky ideas from fragrant homewares to automotive accessories.


Pop-up cinema powered by users’ smartphones

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should – and that’s how I felt about this pop-up cinema. As always, only in America, this installation allows users to plug their smartphone into a receiver which projects the image onto the display screen together with inbuilt audio. Have we not yet learnt from user-generated content as yet? Do I really want to sit back and revolt over someone playing P Diddy, or someone wanting to be the next online sensation? Creative for a pop up display perhaps, but not open to the general public – closed circles & events could do well with this.

Shortened Links Earn You Cash


If you’re in the UK that is – as a registered user generating shortened links for sharing within social environments, shows an ad before each shortened link loads. Users then get paid for every visitor that views an ad – varying between USD 0.37 and USD 5.03 per 1,000 unique visitors in a 24-hour period, depending on country, plus users also get 20% of the lifetime earnings of any friends they refer. I love seeing how companies are monetising the net – I wonder at what point we reach saturation with pre-rolls though, as Fairfax have heard all too often that auto-play is not welcome.

Orangina Shows Your Originals


This nifty little Facebook app from Orangina International plays on your nostalgia by letting you find who the first people were to comment, post or like your Facebook profile. I was surprised to see my top 10 list from when I first started in July 2007 – but it did bring back so many nice memories and prompted me to message a few old faces. Nice use of a brand in social – quite “original”.

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