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Meet Ryan. Previously hiding out in New Zealand, he’s our newest addition to the Zuni family of strategists, even though he joined us back in April. Ryan’s got a quirk about him that’s always entertaining as I’m sure you’ll discover for yourself with the content below.

Alan has summarised how to create a consumer-centric online form that gets the best conversion and we have our very first guest blog from Jason Stidworthy, Head of Group Marketing, Digital, Member & Customer Experience at NRMA Motoring Services. Jason shares his thoughts about the desire to keep learning and his inspiration for being successful in today’s digital business world.

It’s that time again

It is a time of renewal! Spring has sprung, Australia has a hilarious new prime minister, and people all over the world are asking themselves that most critical of questions: will Liam take Miley back? Should I upgrade to iOS7?

You may need some reasons for and against.

Or maybe you’d like a list of iOS7 features, or you’re bored enough to read the longest iOS7 review in the world, or perhaps you’ve already upgraded and want to explore some new and hidden settings.

Or perhaps you use Android, in which case, please enjoy this video of a baby’s reaction to Mum blowing her nose.

“Zuni”, for example…

I’ve always assumed that medical drug brand names were created with a bottle of tequila and a bag of Scrabble tiles, but it turns out there’s a method to the madness. There are reasons for their wacky names, including FDA rules, and the consequences of bad naming can be pretty serious. (Less seriously, can you tell the difference between a porn star name and a My Little Pony name? Find out now!)

Monday is the day it is. #coats

Until recently, Burlington Coat Factory’s official website linked to this Twitter account. But while the company has now disavowed all knowledge of the account, the surreal tweets continue on its behalf.

How can you protect your brand from social media risks? What about protecting your accounts from hackers? (Hint: if you’re Burger King, don’t make your password “whopper123”.)

Was that me? Was I singing?

olkswagen have a fun new TVC, tapping into some nostalgia around A-ha’s “Take On Me” music video. (Forget the original, here’s the literal version.) Using nostalgia to sell is nothing new – Internet Explorer basically punched audiences in the face with the concept earlier this year. But what is nostalgia marketing?

Don’t click on that last link. It’s just… terrible.

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Remember Geocities? How about some online archaeology with Reocities!

Or learn about Archipelago, the first blog. Or visit the unlikely but still existing Space Jam movie website!

Or just look through old versions of websites with the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. (Zuni’s first website wasn’t much to look at, but browsing Liberal Party policies from 1996 is great fun!)

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