2014 Marketing Bucket List

By Valentina Borbone as published in the ADMA blog

Marketing today is more complex than it’s ever been and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the pace, especially as technology seems to change and affect us on a daily basis. If marketers don’t innovate or change, then prepare to fade into the background as a dying breed. Surely you don’t want that, which is why you’re reading this blog. With the plethora of ‘how-to’ guides, tips, tricks and shortcuts to marketing greatness, I’ve jumped over all of them and created the simplest Marketing Bucket List for you. Whilst a Bucket List is generally a list of things you want to achieve before you retire from your marketing career, I’m all too aware that we’re trying to do all the coolest things rather all the right things. Day-to-day marketing becomes the struggle, and even getting that humming along is a hurdle for many. So use it as a checklist, because each point actually generates around 20 or so action points that you should be pulling out. Those action lists are the tips and tricks I mentioned earlier.

1. Make reading and analysing reports a weekly action norm. If you don’t have time to understand and act on your reports, you should look for another gig.

2. Cement your digital strategy – understand how digital channels are helping you achieve your business objectives and how your customers need those channels to operate for THEM. The framework is paramount. And, for goodness sake, make sure that your digital strategy is an integrated one. Sub actions as a result (note these are channel-based, not integrated) Content Marketing Bucket List Email Marketing Bucket List Social Media Bucket List Blogging Bucket List

3. Get the basics right. Every tactic and activity should be a test. Learn. Optimise. Test again. Keep learning. Keep optimising. Keep Testing. REPEAT.

4. Attribution modeling should be in your top 5 goals. Defining budgets by channel and activity is one of the hardest things to do in marketing. If you can track and attribute success to certain channels with specific conversions, you’ll be able to turn real numbers into meaningful budget allocations.

5. Change your behaviour, one step at a time. Start reading. Watch and engage with smart brands.  Spend at least 30 minutes a day just reading something useful. Read over all those notes you’ve taken at conferences and seminars that you’ve probably never looked at since. It’s too easy to get into the same old routine and forget the cool things you learnt. If you’re asking the right questions — both of your customers and your internal stakeholders — your bucket list will take care of itself.  Start 2014 with a bucket list of your own that won’t send you over the edge. Image credit to ADMA – http://www.adma.com.au/connect/blog/2014-marketing-bucket-list/


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