Another social eCommerce revolution

The crew at Zuni has suggested I may have an issue or two when it comes to shopping – so what if a new pair of shoes arrives every week, have they never heard of a subscription? (-; When social media and things to buy merge then I get excited.

Pinterest was just the tip of the iceberg for me – all those awesome things to check out, to inspire and to covet (timely for me given it’s my birthday today). But what’s next in the evolution of social media and its growing relationship with retail?

The Fancy is one site that caught my eye. It takes the Pinterest approach, encouraging us all to share our favourite designs, fashion and art – basically anything we’ve spotted on the web – to inspire and excite. According to Wikipedia, The Fancy is “part store, blog, magazine and wishlist”. Share enough and you’ll get promoted to art director or editor – recognizing your curatorial awesomeness.

But what really sets The Fancy apart is the opportunity for retailers to come in and offer you the products you’ve fancied – essentially allowing users to crowdsource deals for the things they fancy. The Fancy is what happens when Pinterest and Groupon get it on!

And just when I started getting to grips with The Fancy, Shopcade hit my inbox. This new social commerce platform brings gamification to a Pinterest style site and offers some great Perks for users.

Shopcade is being described as the retail version of Pinterest – active users are rewarded with Perks based on their site usage AND a cut when someone buys something they’ve shared on their page.

Social eCommerce sites are evolving fast, some offer real benefits to the consumer while others seem to create spammers out of us all. I’m excited about where these sites are going to go. And there’re certainly some great lessons for Aussie retailers in looking at how to better engage with consumers in the digital space.


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