Be the Shepherd, not the Sheep

Are you one of those marketers who don’t have a personal Twitter account, or perhaps you gave up Facebook because it was just a time waster? Maybe you’ve never used FourSquare and don’t have a Pinterest board?

Understand What’s Available
As a marketer, it’s pretty career limiting not to understand the channels available to you, what consumers are doing with these channels and how they interact with them. I used to slam FourSquare as a platform because I simply didn’t understand why anyone would want to “check-in” at a destination. I decided that you can’t really criticise something until you’ve tried it and have an informed opinion on it, so I gave it go, and my OCD behaviour had me checking in at petrol stations and competing with my friends & colleagues for earned badges. Am I talking a foreign language yet?

Put simply, if you’re not engaged in the platforms and environments where your customers are, then you’re not fully informed about the marketing opportunities that might be right under your nose.

Be the Shepherd, not the Sheep
With some of the latest developments from our favourite platforms like Instagram and Twitter, there’s a massive opportunity to capitalize on brand-firsts by creating some cool, innovative and interesting executions. Take Lululemon for instance, one of the first brands to post a video to Instagram following their announcement. The well thought-out campaign worked, giving the athletic apparel company it’s highest spike in engagement in over a month. With an average of 5,785 “likes” per photo, their average more than doubled with the videos they posted. Brands are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve and be trend-creating, however, if brands simply wait to follow the shepherd, we’re destined for a blah-blah same-same experience.

Get It or Be Left Behind
Don’t be mistaken, you don’t have to love being on Twitter or use Instagram on a daily basis. You should however play around with each platform and discover new ones. If we’re all about the consumer, then it’s time to stop pushing the product-line and look at what consumers are doing and be present where they are active. Otherwise you basically risk being left behind.

If you’ve never heard of Pheed, Thumb, Medium, Chirpify and Conversations, it might be time to put some time aside in your diary on a weekly basis for discovering new technologies and applications. You can also jump on board the Digital Certificate course which will hold your hand through the whole process.


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