Who Does Melbourne Cup?

This year’s Melbourne Cup celebrations was a given for Zuni. The given was that Zuni would be “doing something”. As we researched for activities and fun things going on, there were the same-old-same-old options presented:

  1. boardroom crackers & cheese just for the race
  2. local pub, no big deal
  3. 3 hour drinking package
  4. 3 course meal with 3 drinks included

I haven’t had a boardroom + crackers event since I worked for a family-run business.

The local pub is a good option but not really a glamorous replica of Cup Day.

I find it hard to buy a drinks package when you can never rely on the canapes provided to actually fill people up and prevent them from being sick.

The 3 course meal sounds ideal and as a non-drinker, I can give my allocated bubbles to the others. Perfect.

So on booking Cargo Bar, our table of 7 actually wasn’t out of place as I had thought we might be, most of the tables were smaller groups rather than tables of 20+. It was Elise’s first outing for Cup Day too, and when she asked her fellow college grads what they were doing, she was surprised to hear they weren’t doing much.  Elise asked, “who are all these people?” and well, it made me think just that – who celebrates Melbourne Cup with a half day off work as a “given”? Considering bookings are essential and places fill up quickly, it’s clearly a popular thing to do in Sydney – but WHO are you?

Is it an advertising / agency thing? Small companies only? Client invitations only?

  • My pharma clients don’t seem to celebrate, they’re down for Option 2.
  • Large multi-nationals? Option 1.
  • Small <15 people firms? Option 2 or client invitations only. Few & far between I reckon.
  • Advertising, Marketing & PR companies? Option 3/4. Depends on the demographics.
  • Retirees? Option 4.

At Zuni, we treated Melbourne Cup as our Quarterly Day Out*. Jacki is our resident gambler and gave us some insights on the horses for the day and placed our bets at the Cockle Bay mobile TAB unit.  Lucky my husband picked the winner because I seem to have funded his win with my losses.

I’m calling out here to find out who takes a half day out to celebrate the Cup?  Do you know people who did? Where you one of them? I’d love to hear your stories and suggestions of other ways to celebrate in style.

*Each Quarter we take a half day out of the office just to get together and do something together & fun


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