Sydney Opera House gets a taste of Nick Cave

Jealous, yet absolutely delighted. Jealous that Three Drunk Monkeys got to do something like this, yet absolutely delighted that my bridal waltz (yep, that’s right) is now the showpiece in the Sydney Opera House’s latest video. I remember the blank stares I had from my guests when the song played through, so uniquely Australian and seeing how it’s performed by an array of equally unique Aussie (and NZ) artists just melts my heart. Perhaps now my friends can embrace the Nick within.


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  1. Mobile Storage Sydney

    Well, sometimes it is good to have something unique for a change and not just follow the norms. I am pretty sure that will leave an even more lasting memory of your bridal waltz. It must have been such an amazing feeling that it actually got included in the Sydney Opera House’s latest video and you must be very proud.

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