Should you install solar panels? Well, Google can help with that.

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Google’s Project Sunroof

Should you install solar panels? Well Google’s latest project ‘Sunroof’ will help you decide. Using Google Maps, local weather conditions, your roof’s orientation and how much shade falls on it from nearby trees and buildings, Google will recommend how many panels you need and how much can you save on your electricity bill. Currently,  Sunroof has been rolled out in Boston & San Fan Bay area.

 How to stop referral spam screwing up your Google AnalyticsStop Referral Spam

Referral spams; those almost-real-but-actually-fake-spamming-links that show up on your Google Analytics cause havoc on your KPIs and metrics. So how can you get rid of them on Google Analytics? The guys over at eConsultancy have tested 2 methods

  • Block the IP server where they come from (this is a bit of a pain in the ass to be honest)
  • Use the filters provided on Google Analytics (a much easier method to adopt. Here’s the full no-brainer guide.

 What on earth is Periscope and how do you use it?

5 step guidePeriscope how to guideEarlier this year, Twitter bought a much-hyped live streaming app called Periscope. From streaming Q&A sessions to insider videos, Periscope is a great tool to use to show off your skills. This cool will show you how you can make the most of Periscope for your brand.The Health care sector is currently the pioneer (no surprise). In the US, Ohio State Uni live streamed one of their surgical procedures via the app. Talk about finding an interesting way to educate the mass public about how the human body works!
 Mc Whopper


McWhopper: A burger for peace

What if Burger King’s Whopper & a Maccas burger got together in the name of promoting world peace? Well, that was kind of the plan. Burger King took out full-page ads in the New York Times and Chicago Tribunenewspapers asking McDonald’s to call a truce on the “burger wars“, in honour of Peace Day (21/9/15). The BK proposal was rejected by McDonalds, but that hasn’t stopped a McWhopper website or competitor Dennys trying to muscle in on the action. I think the Burger Wars are far from over. BK 1. McDonalds 0

How do you make people laugh online?
How do people laugh online?

That’s what Facebook’s research groupsought to find out as it examined content posted to the network in the last week of May. The research found out that almost 15% of the sample audience who commented or posted on the site use at least one e-laugh. E-laughs are your common online expressions of laughter: haha, lol, hehe, and the happy/laughing emojis. What amazes me is the depth of analysis that Facebook offers for us to understand the sentiment associated with our content. (I’m a hahahah girl, what about you?)

Facebook's Donate Now button



Facebook’s Donate Now Button

 Social media has widened the scope for non profits to connect with supporters in an environment that is quite personal and relatable. A few days ago, Facebook took that relationship to the next level and introduced a ‘Donate Now’ call to action button option on both link ads and Company Pages. I truly hope that this innovation on the platform can improve the charitable and fundraising communities.

Bits & pieces

  • Imagine there is a website that displays all the lamest content you come across on Facebook. Introducing Definitely worth a laugh.
  • NASA’s started 3D printing parts of its rockets. Specifically, it made a turbo pump that actually works!
  • Here are a few tools to help you alleviate your work related stresses (mainly tackling those pesky notifications!) 
  • What are the pros, cons and costs of the top 6 content distribution platforms such as Outbrain, Nativo, Facebook, Taboola, Twitter or Linkedin? This is your must-read of the newsletter. Brilliant rundown.
  • What if there’s an app that shows you where you last parked and warns you about potential parking fines? Introducing AwareCar – an app that just blew its Kickstarter target through the roof.


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