Preparing the soil

Knowing where I’m going to set up my personal space, it’s time to prepare the soil in our new garden, lay the foundations for our roots to prosper. As I’ve found with my own experimental vege patch, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got the best dressed veges from Flower Power, if the soil is crap then the results are crap.

I looked at several websites for small business set ups to get some advice. I found Small Business HQ which kind of disappointed me because my expectations were to have a consolidated comparison website offering reviews. What I did get though was an instant quote from a supplier within minutes of hitting the submit button, and voila, I solved my public liability insurance & professional indemnity insurance enquiry in about 2 days over 3 quotes. Vero proved to be the best option through a cost-effective broker and nice for me to only deal with the one company. At least now you can visit us at Stanmore and feel safe that there is $20m covering you :).

So you’d think getting a phone and internet connection would be pretty easy to pick a plan from, particularly with my experience in the telco space. 5 providers and 2 weeks later the best possible option was Internode who were flexible, super great customer service, good value and no contracts – but the only let down is it takes 5 days to get the phone line in before I can get on with the internet connection…

Something a little closer to my heart – the furniture. Sarah and I spent a day shopping at a home maker centre after a dreaded trip to IKEA. I had my baby Angelique with me (she’s only 14 months), and if it hadn’t been a weekday there was not a chance on this green earth you’d catch me at IKEA. I’m a social person, but IKEA invades my personal space.

When you’ve seen 1 brown leather lounge, you’ve seen maybe 30, and as for high white gloss desks, there isn’t much between them in style. There’s an office space upstairs from us at Stanmore who have completely decked out their office in big old wooden desks with leather tops, extravagant wood engraving, matching filing cabinets, letter drawers – you get my drift – and it’s sparsely placed across a massive floor plan – and it’s fabulous. I loved that they ditched the modern look all together and combined some antique beauties with pure elegance – they make a statement. But here I am planning a space for 3 of us.

Shop after shop, there’s a million themes to choose from, as there are colours & accessories, and as long as you have an imagination, the list is as long as a piece of string. I had a headache after 4 hours, Angelique getting cranky in the pram because she can’t sleep with so many red, candy-striped and canary yellow cushions, lounges and rugs in every aisle.

Do we really need this much choice? I like variety like the next person, but this was ridiculous and we hadn’t really scratched the surface of what’s available.

Whilst the adventure was exactly that, today I found myself purchasing 4 white high gloss desks from Deals Direct who are delivering them to me for free. Thank the gods for giving us the internet, suddenly the sky above our garden is contributing nicely to it’s growth.


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