Long Live the Email!

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Long Live Email! 

Do you think the beloved email is a tired, over-saturated medium to continuously engage with your audiences? Adobe’s recent study outlines our love-hate relationship with email. Given that we spend nearly six hours a day using it, it’s no surprise that email becomes an essential medium. So how can we adopt smarter email marketing strategies? Entrepreneur Magazine’s tips include; becoming mobile ready, allowing your primary audience setting the pace of their interaction with you and most importantly, personalising the content you deliver. 

Now you can send money via a URL

Pay Pal Me.Talk about disruptive tech, centred around customer centricity! PayPal now lets you send and receive money through URLs. PayPal.Me is essentially an extension of PayPal’s existing product offering (where you can already make payments to an email address). Those who opt-in to the feature, set up a personalised URL that is linked to their PayPal account. Once set up, anyone who views the link can send money to the account.  

SEO Tips & Tricks



A few other ways to boost your SEO Ranking

The Internet is complicated. If you think about the innumerable calculations that go into every Google search just to bring you the perfect information for your request, it is overwhelming. So, do you think managing your SEO success involves a combination of technical proficiency and extensive experience? Not quite. Offering a great on-site experience, producing relevant content and getting others to acknowledge you as an authority, helps boost your SEO. Easy, right? Well just in case you need a hand, you may find this really worthwhile.
Uber’s World Domination Plan

User's self driving car

How many of you have used Uber? Over here at Zuni we are pretty divided. Some of us swear by it whilst for others it doesn’t make any difference.  Globally, Uber has faced an array of challenges; violence against its drivers, injunctions brought forward by regulators and stiff grumbling by the taxi industry. How is the company tackling this?  Introducing the self-driving car. It has teamed up with a US university to develop the tech it can use.   Is anyone thinking an Uber + Google collaboration?


Injected Electronics: the next wave of Wearable Tech

This is insane. Imagine a world where wearable computing isn’t worn on your body, but embedded within it! With chips physically inserted into your body, either attached to nerves or placed into musclesor skin, a new form of synergy between human and computer is occurring.  From a medical perspective, this can help recover tissues following a brain injury or help manage diabetes.  However – not quite sure what brands can jump on board! Any ideas? 

Bits & Pieces

  • Here is a quite simplified multichannel content marketing planner. What I like about it is that it addresses three things; who the right people are, when’s the right time and what’s the right content.
  • According to HubSpot, a typical landing page has a conversion rate of 5-15%, but highly optimised ones convert at 30% or higher. How can you build high converting landing pages? These are a few tools to help you out.
  • Life hack for the week:  How to turn your Google Calendar event into a task by adding the ‘#todo’ tag to your event.
  • My kids and I adore story time and this is such a brilliant way to personalise content and make reading fun. Introducing Lost My Name; a book that incorporates your child’s name into the story. I wish this existed when Angelique was two years old!


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