Inspiration from third world entrepreneurs

If you have read any of our previous blog posts regarding Kiva – you already know how passionate we are in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow as Zuni itself grows.

To that end, we have now funded our 14th loan! Which is very exciting and to be honest, just plain inspiring. It’s inspiring that I work for an organisation that cares enough to help others, but what’s even more moving is that these people who come from third world countries are having a go. They are borrowing money, with the idea of bettering their own future and in many cases their families and local community as a result. Don’t forget, these are people who survive on $10 a day or less, who eat repetitive foodstuffs with little nutritional value, have a less than average education and really don’t lead lives that mirror the average Aussie’s. So for them to have enough direction and guts to secure a loan and invest in their future it truly leaves me uplifted and in awe of their courage.

One of recent loan’s we have funded was Ali Jaber Abdallah, from Iraq.

Ali is only a spring chicken at 21, and is married and has one child. He owns a shop for photocopying and mobiles, and is well known in his community. He has applied for the loan to pay rent and to make a digital ad in the hopes of bringing in more business. Which brings me to a grinding halt mentally as I am 22 myself, I certainly don’t have a child, husband or my own business and I most definitely don’t live in a third world country that is politically unstable. So kudos to Ali for stepping up and providing for his young family, and for having the foresight and motivation to consider using digital advertising to expand his business.

So of course, The Zuni gang fell in love with this loan the minute we saw it!

You will also notice that Ali has blurred out his face – which other than the obvious of remaining anonymous, is to ensure that he isn’t making it public knowledge that he is about to receive a large (relatively) sum of money. Shouting from the rooftops that you have just scored a lump sum in a lower socioeconomic area really isn’t the best idea. Much like people who win the lottery keep it to themselves.

Kiva has recently generated a pretty brilliant video that fast forwards through the 5+ years of Kiva loan activity in full colour, around the world.

Have a look – you will notice the Australia looks pretty stark in the early days but the colours begin building up as we get more involved in the cause.

Loving what your hearing? Then join the Zuni-Kiva family, click on the below link, and lets see how big we can grow this thing.

So go on, I challenge you to brighten up this map by adding your own little flying coloured dot to the map. You won’t just be adding some colour to the Kiva loan map, but you will be adding a whole new spectrum to someone’s life.

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