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Earlier this year I took some time to find out what our clients thought of us – in the form of a client survey. The online questionnaire asked about the strength of our relationship, our services & products, areas of improvement and of course, what our clients thought we were doing right.

I have pretty high expectations on most things and so I really had to brace myself for what I thought was coming – because I tend to expect the worst and be surprised by reality rather than the other way around. Indeed I was surprised – by the brutal honesty of our clients and moreso, just how pleasant it was to receive the feedback that I did. I’m not saying I was expecting a raft of disasters, I’m simply saying that there is always room for improvement and I didn’t feel that the “room” was too large.

When we started Zuni we had some very strong thoughts about what we wanted to achieve, what our business was to stand for. We distilled those thoughts into 3 key themes:  Happy People, Happy Clients, Quality Work. I feel like my little survey achieved a gold star for all of those things.

Feeling proud, I thought I’d share some of those results:

What you liked about us:

  • 95% of clients would definitely or comfortably refer us to others
  • 95% of clients rate our overall performance as “excellent” or “very good”
  • 80% of clients have an “excellent” or “very good” relationship with us
  • 59.1% of clients believe they are well aquainted with our services & offerings (that leaves me a big opportunity to make sure more of you know what we do)

Areas we can assist in and improve upon:

  • Strategy Implementation:  Ensuring that next steps of our strategic recommendations are actionable, making implementation easy. Zuni also facilitate the implementation process and have a myriad of the best providers possible to do it with.
  • Analytics & Reporting: we highly encourage our clients to analyse their digital footprint and optimise against it regularly – Zuni offers performance monitoring & analytics management – we don’t just hand over a strategy and wish you the best of luck, we want to make sure it succeeds too!
  • Education: we offer tailored internal education sessions to meet individual business needs. Our clients have already experienced the best of mobile, digital trends, social media developments or writing copy for the web. Whatever it is, we can create it and deliver it, from 1 employee to a room of hundreds.
  • Proactivity – I couldn’t agree more that we need to be more proactive and in the coming months I hope you all feel that we’ve picked up our game here.

What Makes Us Different?

I’m quite excited to run this survey again next year to measure our success at improving what we said we would.

Well done Zuni, I’m proud of you.

Mike Zeederberg
Mike Zeederberg
Mike Zeederberg is the Managing Director and joint owner of Zuni and oversees the development and delivery of most client strategic work.

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