Best of Me Digest – 23/09/2011

Facebook “Like” Bracelets

They’ve been around for over a year now in the USA, but if you’ve not seen this yet, it’s really quite incredible. These truly wearable bracelets allow you to log in to your FB profile and “like” a brand with the ease of swishing your arm against the sign. I thought it silly at first, but there’s so much to love about – and now checking-in couldn’t be easier, right? I can see so many uses within the event space and it’s definitely a concept that Aussie public would embrace. Why oh why do things take so long in Australia….

How much exactly is Apple worth?


We all like comparison tools – and now it’s time to put Apple and their massive empire to the test. This very interesting curationdemonstrates the size of this beast, and it’s a little frightening to be honest. Surely you’d think the US motor market is bigger? Apparently not….

Smoke Detectors with SMS


Triple J were asking listeners if SMS was dead, with the likes of Google+ and Skype available. One good point made was if I’m shopping and have lost my friend, am I really going to log into my Google account to send a msg rather than just punch out an SMS? As businesses diversify, so has the humble smoke detector. I love this concept – so easy to roll this out with a home alarm too – it’s as simple as sending a text message when the alarm is activated. Saves you coming home to a land space of ashes doesn’t it. I mean, do you even know if your home alarm is activated whilst you’re at work? Well you would if you’re a millionaire I guess.

McDonalds Does Interactive YouTube


Some time ago I wrote about the interactive Dexter game on YouTube which was a load of fun to play about with. Here, McDonalds is trying to do the same thing with Spying Grimace – but I’ve already lost interest after 2 attempts. As Ashley has rightly pointed out – it’s just too difficult for level 1, seems the marketing department forgot about KISS.

Draw a Stickman


I’m no artist I assure you, so drawing a stickman online seemed relatively easy and fun to engage in – but wait, there’s more!  This little stickman comes to life and interacts with you, again, bringing that inner child out. Great for brainstorming techniques I think, it’s certainly making me think outside of the box, and the balloon.

Care Packages for new parents


The subscription model is basically out of control, with anything and everything available – lip balm, t-shirts, alcohol – and now, a brilliant new mum gift in the shape of a care pack. Packs are customised for the child’s age & stage. What a great way to package up products for brands like Unilever – every mum would use a large number of their products and love it – and it could be turned around quite easily. Beats getting another baby wrap or jump-suit.

VW’s pint-sized Darth Vader viral


This is adorably cute – and I’m sure the 42 million views it’s had is proof that it’s entertaining. The innocence of children can melt me any day, we should all embrace our inner child and let our imaginations run wild every now and again. I’m convinced that when I play Yahtzee I can actually influence the dice to be 5s and 6s by visualising lots of dots on the dice before rolling the. True. It’s proven.


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