Best Of Me Digest – 16/08/2011

In a few short weeks I’ll be returning to Zuni full time after 5 months maternity leave. I applaud my husband, James for being willing to swap roles for our 2 children and “see how it goes” – and embracing the change. It’ll be a new challenge for both of us – and I’d love to hear your advice if you’ve got any to share. My GP said today “remember he’ll do it differently to you and you have to accept that”. “Yes, of course” I thought, but couldn’t help repeat in the back of my mind please don’t put the red bed sheets in the wash with the white ones. So changes all round this month, and the digital space isn’t excused either.


So what’s all the fuss about Google+? In basic terms, it’s your total online life being organised and customised. It’s making things easier to share with friends (Circles), tracking things of interest (Sparks) and utilising chat & YouTube (Hangouts). It’s simplicity of integration makes it easier for businesses to manage their relationships. Some are asking if it’s Google’s answer to Facebook, clawing it’s way through content sharing. Elise has written a nice blog about it.

Don’t be beaten by Diabetes

If you didn’t know already, I had Gestational Diabetes with my little girl and it basically never went away. I’m now insulin dependent for what they say will be for life. Throughout the whole experience I found it difficult, if not impossible, to find decent support and information on how to manage it and introduce it to my every day lifestyle, and that of my family’s (take note NDSS). So I was delighted to help with this terrific new site just launched. The site provides some good information for managemet and has a number of tasty recipes that are easy to prepare and meet all the guidelines to follow. If you love the site like I do, please vote for it in this grant submission. For the gentlemen out there, you may not be subject to this in a direct fashion, but I assure you it helps you to stay informed and keep yourself out of trouble too.

Brainstorming Help

After your 5th brainstorm in a week sometimes you can feel a bit tired and same same – alas, help is here, with this quirky digital tool – Wheel of Concept. It gives you the chance to download a concept board, ready with idea and branding – I put in Cadbury and it gave me a Check In solution which could work, so I tried “Tally-Ho” and it suggested an online community to upload user generated content – around the brand Tally-Ho would surely be a huge joint rolling competition? No?

Sleeping on the Job

I had to laugh at this new creation from a Spanish designer – who created an Ostrich Pillow that you can pop on and have a little nap at your desk with. A sleeping bag for the head as you will. hahahah

Australian Social Media Stats

It’s hard to collate a good range of stats in the Aussie market, so Jacki has done it for you. She recently sat on the panel of Beauty Directory’s Digital Seminar and presented some glossy stats on our social landscape and usage. It’s a must for anyone playing in the social arena.

Google’s Most Expensive Keywords

WordStream have released the data of the top 20 keyword categories within Google. It’s no surprise that insurance, loans and mortgages where amongst the highest, and this nice infographic demonstrates that the highest volumes and costs represent businesses with very high lifetime customer values.

Clothing defies the Carbon Tax?

Catalytic Clothing claims to have developed the technology to create clothing that purifies the air around it. The clothing draws energy from light, and uses this to break down water in the air into radicals. These highly reactive molecules then react with pollutants to break them down into non-harmful chemicals. Could we drop the Carbon Tax in exchange for eco-friendly clothes?


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