A deal sweetener indeed!

So I was writing about Internode’s customer service when we first committed our phone & internet lines with them and I just wanted to give a little example of what I was talking about.

Last week I received an unnamed addressed envelope in the post. I was a little hesitant to open it as I thought at first it may have been intended for the previous tenant – the address was handwritten and unbranded.  Curiosity beat me and I opened it up – a thank you card enclosed.

Inside the card – a lovely personal handwritten note.

The only problem I had was identifying who it was from – yes – I know it’s from Nic, but who the hell is Nic? I looked for any obvious identifier – and there it was on the back of the card – the logo, name & contact details.  Aside from the card, Nic had enclosed 2 movie tix for Hoyts.  Nice touch Internode.  Sarah’s going to love the flicks 🙂

Today I received my first bill.  A little disappointing was the fact that there were a few errors with the billing – like duplicate activity descriptions and rates, so I gave the accounts team a call. Whilst I was on hold for 3 minutes, I was given a call-back option which I suspected was going to be a 5-day turnaround to receive.  Much to my delight, it was a 15 minute turn around and the customer service rep was able to answer (and correct) my issues. No transferring to a different department, no “my supervisor will need to call you back”, no mess, no fuss, just great customer service.

I’m a happy camper Internode, keep it up.


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  1. Sarah

    I went to see Iron Man 2 at the weekend – thanks Internode!

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