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Well, I’ve been road-showing again with a training extravaganza for Stockland over the last fortnight. There’s more to come too with realestate.com.au and Mirvac. Can you see a theme? I’ve been talking customer-centric marketing strategy and customer experience, which highlighted my most popular blog post to date, a story of my customer experience with St George Bank. It saddened me to think that this is where customer experience is at for banking. You see, St George weren’t alone, they were just the ones that I wrote about. NAB and Macquarie Bank have equal fails just waiting to be shared. Please share your stories with me, I’d love to hear some positive stories that’s for sure. 
Enjoy yourselves, 

Is Digital Business Transformation Real Or Just Another Buzz Word?
Is Digital Transformation Real Or Just Another Buzz WordWell that sounds like a loaded question, doesn’t it? It’s totally the buzz word for 2015, but it’s also real, and businesses are struggling with it. We all want it, we just don’t know how to get it. Mike’s article looks at the key challenges for businesses and some implementation must-haves to get it right.

Five Lessons For Effective Blogger Outreach
5 Lessons For Effective Blogger EngagementAs consumers continue to trust word of mouth over advertising, it’s important for brands to put on a brave face and consider blogger outreach as a marketing tool. It’s not easy to get it right. Approaching respected and fan-filled bloggers needs some attention. This blog from Econsultancy has five very handy tips on approaching the right bloggers, in the right way. 

Smartphone Case Prints Pictures

Prynt Smartphone CasesThis really is a missed opportunity for Polaroid. It’s Prynt, and it’s a smartphone case that prints your photos. From just $99, this nifty little add-on instantly prints your pictures. Available for both iOS and Android, I can see this turning into a trend pretty quickly. 


Sick Of ASOS Returns?
LikeAGlove Smart GarmentIf you’re an online shopper like I am, you’ll embrace this awesome idea. LikeAGlove is a smart garment, that when worn, measures your body and transmits the data to your tablet. With your personal measurements safely uploaded, the app search engine then sends recommendations for products with a perfect fit. This is quite a breakthrough in online shopping for women, where the only reluctance is usually fit.  Problem solved! 

The History Of Email

The History Of EmailThis year, email will officially turn 44.  The middle-aged channel is actually in it’s prime, cited as the second highest return on investment channel for marketers in 2014 (missing out on first to SEO). This cool infographic takes a look at the history of email. It’s an encouraging journey through some fairly hectic challenges like spam, viruses and social media, yet still comes up trumps. Truly my favourite channel of all. 

World’s First 3D Printed Car
Strati, World's First 3D Printed CarIt was only a matter of time, and it took no time at all. The world’s first 3D printed car was unveiled in Detroit, and we should get to know it’s name, Strati. This little two-door plastic mover is just a little faster than my ride-on lawn mover, speeding along up to 25 miles per hour. The not-yet-legal car will cost between USD$18,000-$30,000 when launched later this year. We’ll start with cars and end with mud houses, already in 3D print production through WASP in Italy.

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