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It’s been all hands on deck at Zuni recently. Ian was presenting on Digital Advertising Trends at the DiG Festival in Newcastle, taking an interesting look at some consumer behaviour, and I wrote a post about women in marketing; can women in marketing really have it all? I believe they can and I wonder if you’ll agree with me. We also have a guest blogger this week, Megan Ritter. She’s created a great infographic on what it takes for content to go viral. There’s definitely a recipe when it comes to viral, so make sure you have the right ingredients.

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Do You Have A Weather Strategy?
StormSafeIt’s been estimated that up to 30% of the UK GDP is directly affected by the weather conditions, which does raise the question if brands actually have a weather strategy. NRMA’s StormSafe app sends notifications if you’re in a storm zone, giving you plenty of warning to batten down the hatches and get your car into the garage.

Where are our retailers capitalising on the warm BBQ weather? Local weather data is current and quick, giving brands a gaping opportunity to be tactile and impressive. If you’d like some help, Zuni can come to your rescue.


Honda - The Other SideHonda’s Other Side
Everyone has a dark side, and in this case, so does Honda. This beautifully produced campaign shows the practical side of a Honda, and if you press ‘r’ on your keyboard, you’ll be exposed to “the other side”. It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s almost realistic. Not all video requires awesome production, but this did, and they nailed it. 

You Need To Know About Squerb
SquerbI came across a new opinion and review platform called Squerb, which launched at SXSW earlier this year. If you’re doing customer research, looking for brand influencers or managing realtime engagement at events, then you need to know about Squerb.It’s an inexpensive presence for technology that’s riding a big wave. 


Is Social Networking Bad For You?Are Social Networks Bad For You?
I’ve always had a such positive outlook on social networks because I truly love the way they connect people. There’s an argument about the benefits of social networking and, on the other side, how they are simply a facade for people, to hide their true life and feelings. What’s On Your Mind is an emotional look at what I’m sure is a reality for many. Sad Face. Is this really how we validate ourselves in a technological society?

Shop Small From Amex
Shop SmallYou might be familiar with the Small Business Saturday campaign from American Express in the US. Well in Australia, it’s called Shop Small and it’s happening now. It’s all about supporting small business in your local community and making a big difference, so I hope you’ll consider getting behind it. Even Bondi Icebergs is behind it, putting the logo on the bottom of the pool! Amex is going great guns lately, as I also reported last week on their terrific content marketing across Tumblr.

Pandora Internet RadioPandora Goes Ad Free, For One Hour

The music industry was one of the first to face mass digital disruption; iTunes feeling the brunt of Spotify entering the market, and now Pandora Internet Radio taking on the Spotify stronghold. When free radio takes on the ad-free market, you know they’re closing the gap and providing solutions for customers based on their behaviour. Keep watching Pandora, they’re doing some noteworthy, innovative things.

Air Food OneAirline Food Subscription Services
Yep, you read that headline correctly. If you love airline food, then boy do I have the service for you. For a tiny $12 USD, Germany’s Air Food One is a subscription service that allows you to get airline meals delivered to your home once a week. Just pop the food in the microwave and you’re sorted. Only available in Germany so far, I wonder if this waste-free zone will be trading in 12 months time.

Bits & Pieces

  • I’m pretty sure everyone wants to improve their Facebook feed visibility in organic reach. These tips will help you maximise your reach in the most basic of ways.
  • If you’re after a time-waster, try this. Crumbles is a site where you create your own sentences and it pulls together the word and accompanied movie scenes of your chosen words. I was pretty impressed it had Valentina in there!
  • Swapt is an apartment review platform to connect new tenants with those who have previously lived there.
  • Facebook’s Safety Check lets you connect with family and friends during a disaster. Whilst the idea is great, I think it could cause unnecessary panic, because not everyone lives by their phones second by second, but it’s still a great concept.
  • If you’re after some great reading from an interesting individual with ideas on anything and everything, then follow Gary.
  • Influencer Research proves Influencers drive purchases. Speaking of which, as an influencer myself, you HAVE to try Ovi Hydration – it’s a new flavour-filled drink that is so low in sugar and carbohydrate that it’s absolutely perfect for diabetics. I’m thrilled to have found this new drink that solves my I-hate-plain-water dilemma. #ovihydration 
  • How do you feel about a two-legged chair? It doesn’t let you sink into your seat, because you’re constantly using your core to maintain balance. Just as crazy is the one-wheeled motorbike. 


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