Pokemonization, ABM and digital tech for health

How are millions of smartphone users becoming Pokemonized? 

Pokemon Go has exploded onto scene and In just less than a week, Pokemon Go has become the top-grossing app in all major marketplaces and overpassed the number of active users of Twitter – all without any real marketing campaign. It’s clearly having an economic impact, and brands are desperately trying to work out how to cash in on the opportunity (8 early examples here). PG’s origins are fascinating, being built off an April Fool’s joke for Google. Is this an iPhone like revolution,  heralding the mass uptake of AR / geocaching,  or another Google Glass, a flash in the pan quickly written off as being for only geeks and gamers? My money is on the former, but time will tell.

Is account-based marketing (ABM) the new solution to improving B2B ROI, and marrying sales and marketing happily?

ABM is an emerging trend in marketing automation.  It shifts the focus to targeting all decision makers or/and influencers within a client’s organisatiGoogleon rather than just individuals and provides deepeSales-Marketingr collaboration between marketing and sales departments. ABM aims to deliver higher effectiveness to customer relations. This article explores how you can make it happen too. 


Google to take all ad dollars and has already beaten Microsoft.

Can you imagine all ad budgets allocated  to just one mega platform in 5 years time? This scary-like prediction might actually become our reality even sooner as Google is launching advanced features every week, recently focusing on retail and travel. In Australia, we’ve already got more Gmail users than Hotmail/Live/Outlook combined.

SEO, SMM and other technologies for health. Pharma+Health

Pharma marketers are getting more involved in social media as it gives them better engagement with their audience. We also can see great examples of AR/VR technology for healthcare marketing with virtual simulations of diseases symptoms. And even banal search marketing is to revolutionise healthcare in the nearest future.   




Bits & Pieces:

  • The secrets of how to do viral have been revealed – The Woolshed have put together a case study of their “experiment”  which has had lots of pickup in the press
  • Can you imagine how many users send emoji-filled tweets or how many requests Siri answers per minute? Have a look at this Every Minute digital footprint.
  • 7-step formula for automated marketing funnels of your digitally operated business.
  • Here’s a handy guide for image sizes required by major Social Media platforms incl. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Get some useful tips and tools for video content creation with cool examples from major brands. You don’t really need a big production budget or advanced cameras! 
  • Curious about influencing pets? Now there is a dedicated place in Australia for that particular audience 🙂  


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