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It’s been a week of celebrations at Zuni. Starting with our biggest milestone, Zuni has turned 5 years old. I often think back to our humble beginnings and now reflect on what we’ve achieved. I’m proud of our business, our clients and our amazing team that delivers outstanding work. So to celebrate, we did something a little fun and somewhat dangerous – we rode Segways around Homebush for an afternoon. Apparently it’s hard to fall off, but I managed to do that twice! Bec also celebrated her birthday and I had my first day at the school canteen, which has been a life long dream of mine! There are some exciting Zuni announcements coming in the next fortnight, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

Have fun,

The Growth Summit 2015
The Growth Summit 2015Thanks to Axis Legal, Mike and I had the chance to attend The Growth Summit 2015 at The Star. With an outstanding speaker line up of Jim CollinsLiz Wiseman and Verne Harnish, we listened to these inspiring individuals talk about characteristics and behaviours of business leaders, ways to inspire your team for maximum performance and driving accountability for business growth. The numerous tools and books that these incredible individuals have provided are a must-have for any team leader or business owner. 

MonSTaR Charity Auction This Friday!
MonSTaR Annual Charity AuctionZuni is a proud supporter of MonSTaR Foundation, the charitable organisation raising funds for MND Research as well as inclusion programs for children with special needs (which my daughter benefits from). MonSTaR‘s annual charity ball and live auction is this Friday, 20th March, and even you have the chance to bid on some sensational prizes. You don’t have to be present to bid either, just register online and pick up a bargain. To whet your appetite, how about NYE flights across AntarcticaGolf on the Packer’s private courseskiing in Japan for 8 people or a holiday to Switzerland? There are so many amazing items, get bidding and support this incredibly valuable charitable cause.

Media Closing The Loop On Depression
myCompass ProgramFew media options for advertisers float my boat, but Medical Channel is certainly one of them. You know that TV in your GP’s waiting area? Well, Medical Channel provides advertising solutions on these screens for marketers, and think of that captive audience watching a loop of advertising. Now think of the types of things people WANT to see the doctor about but are too afraid to do so, like depression. That’s where Medical Channel and the Black Dog Institute have teamed up to promote the myCompass Program. myCompass is a free, interactive self-help service that aims to promote resilience and wellbeing for all Australians. With nearly half of all Aussies over 16 suffering from some form of stress, anxiety or depression in their lifetime, the myCompass Program allows users to track, monitor and access education information privately and conveniently. I’m impressed by both these organisations finding a way to start a conversation that is extremely difficult.There’s a great deal going for EOFY with Medical Channel, so get in touch and make the most of it.

Practical Facebook Ad Campaign for Lead Generation
Facebook Ads Campaign for Lead GenerationIt’s always a mission to find a great case study for Facebook Advertising, so I’m sharing this one which is all around Lead Generation. This easy to follow outline of an effective advertising campaign cut lead costs by 80%, so it’s definitely worth a mention. It’s not good enough to just run one campaign and see the results, you have to build and learn on your campaign outcomes, and that’s when Facebook’s data really starts to kick in.

World’s First Talking Drone
World's First Talking DroneWe’ve seen drones that deliver first-aid ambulance services, dropping off pizzas at your GPS co-ordinates and even delivering your mail. It hasn’t taken us too long to get to the point where drones are now able to talk and converse with air traffic control, right out of our own RMIT University. If drones are now bridging the gap between pilots and air traffic controllers, who long will it be before those jobs are redundant? Robots are already rumoured to replace 47% of current jobs in industrialised nations. Might to be time to look for a new purpose in life!

Physical Cookies. Yes Please!
Physical CookieA lot of people don’t like cookies tracking their digital behaviour, but personally, I love them. It’s rare for me to ever delete cookies because I find so much value in their ability to target me with relevant information and, most of all, to remember me at times when I need my personal information. Hence my joy when I heard about a physical cookie. It’s an actual device I can carry around with my personal information, my shopping habits, useful data and oh so much more. Bless the Helsinki shopping centre that gave this a go, it’s VIP and loyalty all the way with this innovation.

Bits & Pieces

  • If you’ve heard me teach before, you’ll know my phrase: follow the technology, it’s the technology that creates customer behaviour. Well watch this space – Facebook is starting to test its own beacon technology. This is pretty awesome and it shouldn’t take long before it’s not up to the retailers.
  • Need to procrastinate? Here’s a fun site called Wait But Why to help you along.
  • Are you tracking your apps correctly? This infographic shows what you should track, and better still, introduces you to AppBoard, the tool to help you do it.
  • Remember I showed you the new shirt you can buy so you’ll always have the perfect fit? Well check out, this is an online fitting room that’ll take the pain out of knowing if your bum looks big in it!
  • Samsung always do amazing stunts to demonstrate the power of their technology. Check this one out for the Galaxy S5. Do you think you could control your heart rate? 
  • Here’s a great run down on e-commerce done well through Hobby Craft. Not your usual suspect, but doing a great job of it.
  • If you’ve blocked ads through AdBlock Plus, you’ll find that Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Taboola have paid their way out of the plug-in filtering process.
  • This freaked me out. If you’re up for an adventure of a lifetime, you could go on a special operations military-style getaway. The question is, would you really want to? Far out!
  • Love food but bored of the same options? Consider yourself a foodie but not a Thermomix Guru? Perhaps you should check out YouChews for your next catering function. Yeah I know there’s nothing digital about it, but it’s hard to find people like this! 



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