Owning the Micro-Moment. Google owns it. Brands want it.

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The Zuni office has been relatively quiet of late. Mike was defining who should write the digital strategy in a blog, Jacki has been on a national retail roadshow training and presenting, Alan has been supporting ADMA in-house, Mark went to the UK for a couple of weeks, and Isha has been living it up in Europe. The whole gang is now back, so the office is full of the usual ridiculous chat. And, of course, we’re really looking forward to some of the exciting projects we have coming up! Spring is on the way, so I hope you’ve all been enjoying the weather warm-up.

Owning The Micro-Moment. Google Has It. Brands Want It
The perfect storm for marketers is the connection with their audience – with the right message, at the right time, on the right channel, and in the right moment. Google and Facebook both offer powerful hyper-targeting options, as long as they are personal and precise. How can brands find the right moments to be present and what pain-points can they solve?

Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Or Content Plan?

The difference between content marketing, strategy and planningOur very own Jacki James decided she’d had enough of people using the above mentioned three terms interchangeably, so decided to break it down in a blog piece. Do you know the differences between these three common terms? If not, check out her 2 minute read and educate yourself on the matter.


Google+ and YouTube Split Up


Google+ and YouTube Start To Split Up

Users have long been frustrated by the forced imperative of a Google+ profile when using Google products. Last week, Google announced they’re starting to move away from this. You’ll still need a Google account to use YouTube etc., but it won’t be linked with your Google+ account. Basically, comments made on YouTube won’t show up on your G+ page. While you still need a G+ profile to do YouTube properly, this is an important step and one that we’ll be keeping a close eye on. Could G+ finally be dying? Google say no, but industry experts are not so sure…

Utilising Bloggers Outside The Box
BloggersWhen I say box, I mean your typically targeted demographic. This great article gives a rundown of brands that have successfully utilised influential bloggers outside their typical arena to expand interest in their brand. I think it’s great that brands are starting to utilise influencers beyond the normal realms and it’s something we’re bound to see more of as content marketing continues to evolve.

UWS Hawkesbury Campus



UWS Hawkesbury Campus Goes All ‘Vivid’ for Science
Every night around 6pm, the greenhouses in UWS Hawkesbury campus turn beautiful. I’m really interested in protecting the environment, so this really caught my attention. The reason for the colours is somewhat coincidental, as they’re the result of recreating post-climate-change conditions. The aim is to try and find out which weedy and invasive species will capitalise on our ever changing environment. Check it out – it’s really cool!

Squerb Backs Equality
Squerb and AMEOne of my favourite new social start-ups, Squerb, ran a launch event in partnership with Australian Marriage Equality. Squerb is a new way for people to express themselves on topics, see what likeminded folks think, and get some insight on other things they might like. All this information is then graphed in a beautiful and simple manner for everyone to see. Think social commentary platforms mixed with review sites. Squerb is partnering with AME to help push for equality, which they believe to be a fundamental human right. Go Squerb!

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