Mike Wearing Mickey Mouse Ears

Best of Me- 

I couldn’t help myself. Yep, that’s Mike wearing Mickey Mouse ears. It’s an obligatory photo if you’re doing Disneyland. Mike’s went straight from 3 weeks in New York into running the ADMA Digital Transformation Masterclass last Friday.



Holograms Guard Disabled Parking Spaces

68accb00-df2b-4fd4-b2e4-f5a98c8219b3Disabled parking spaces have hit the limelight recently in Abu Dhabi with an Australian woman being jailed for sharing a Facebook post about parking in disabled car spaces. Quite contrary in Russia it seems. I’ve found this amazing campaign from NFP Dislife, using holograms of real disabled people to ward off others trying to take disabled car spots. The execution is so impactful and the technology to identify disabled signs in car windows is just so simple. I have written about holograms being used in effective marketing recently, and I wonder what else we can come up with that makes such a difference.




 Tracking Tool To Analyse Your Competitors

There’s a plethora of tracking and analysis tools on the market today that making a decision is becoming more difficult than ever before. Whilst many explore particular strengths, ie social media analysis, Kompyte caught my attention as it analyses your competitors, in real time. Promising to analyse a competitor’s online strategy within 10 minutes and offering a 14 day free trial, Kompyte is looking at all digital activity including websites, ads, social profiles, newsletters and mentions. If there’s a new display creative or price changes, Kompyte alerts you to new activity for review and analysis. Most businesses track their competitors’ activities, and this tool may be the most efficient way to do it. 

Are Emojis Our Future?

8848c467-f162-49e2-b741-48a8935b8705I understand we are time poor individuals. I understand we look for speed and efficiency in our communications, but I truly home emojis are not our future communications. Novel? Yes. Did we really need World Emoji Day? No. When a brand can actually win a Grand Prix Cannes Lion, as Domino’s did, it’s time to take notice (or rethink the value of a Cannes Lion Award). It’s as simple as this; tweet a pizza emoji. Did they mention that the only ones able to order are those using Twitter? What about different emojis for different favourite pizzas? How will you remember them all? Sounds limiting if you ask me. However, we’ve also seen emojis used in email subject lines with terrific results in the retail sector. Now’s there also Fooji, emoji-based food delivery service. I think I’m too old for this. 


Coke Zero’s ‘Drinkable’ Billboard

There are plenty of Coke misses, like Coke Life. However, the Coke Zero Drinkable Billboard is one enormous hit. A big idea brought to life, with every possible channel extension and communication, is wrapped up in this amazing campaign utilising Shazam. Objective: make more people try Coke Zero. Execution: Shazam the ad, and have Coke Zero poured onto the screen of your smartphone, filling up a glass. The filled glass is then your redeemable voucher for a freebie at retailers across the US. Digital billboards continue to impress me, as did the yawning billboard that I wrote about last month. 

Content Marketing Through Story Telling

4acf9adc-9aa1-4769-8aec-a54da8f32bc9Taking a complex story and using this in your content marketing can be challenging for most marketers. We know the use of video can break through the clutter of advertising and messaging consumers receive each day. The Australian Human Rights Commission worked through a very complex story, The History Of Our Freedom, and created this amazing story telling content genius. The story of Magna Carta has been brought to life for children as part of the school curriculum through an amazingly animated and interactive experience. This is no ordinary infographic. This is something my four year old could enjoy, using the dynamic timeline and entertaining characters (and he could learn something). If you’re after the creative bunch who produced this, check out The Explainers.


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