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Clearly the most exciting news I have for you is that Zuni has a new website! We’d originally relaunched at the beginning of the year, and now phase 2 has kicked in based on feedback, new business requirements and showcasing the work we’ve done. I’d love to hear your comments if you have any, both good and bad.

I’ve tried to keep this lovely lady on the right a secret, but I can’t any longer.  This is our fabulous new strategic planner, Miranda Bond. Miranda has one of the most amazing career histories I’ve come across and we are delighted to have had her as part of our team for the last few months. Miranda’s awesome marketing capabilities mean she’s working on some Zuni projects which will be unveiled in the new year. 


Information Retention How To Keep Your Marketing Job
Of all the roles evolving in our industry, I feel sorry for marketers the most. There are so many challenges for marketers looking forward, so I wrote a blog post for ADMA on continuous learning and how it’s a good way to keep yourself relevant and in demand in marketing! Considering that we all learn in different ways, it’s important to look at the various learning methods available to us and with a combination of offerings, you should be able to find what suits you in a snap.


FunnyOrDieNet Neutrality Explained

:  Nudity and language for this story. There’s a lot of conversation about Net Neutrality and some confusion about what it is. When anything receives hype online, you can be sure that a comedy version is right around the corner, and FunnyOrDie jumped on this one in a heartbeat. This video explains Net Neutrality for you, by porn stars. Yep, porn stars. That’s my warning right there. It’s SO funny. 


Portrait Of A Content Marketer 
Portrait Of A Content MarketerAll too often I’m asked to guide the career of a content marketer, a role that 8 years ago was unheard of. In a very short time, IKEA has been heralded as the Kings Of Content Marketing, every marketing role advertised is seeking a skill in content creation and implementation, and marketers are left wondering how they obtain the necessary knowledge to remain current and relevant. A good place to start is this Portrait Of A Content Marketer, in an easy-to-digest infographic. 

How To Redesign Your Organisation For Excellent Customer ExperienceExcellent Customer Experience Is…
I’ve personally been through some of the worst customer experiences of my lifetime in the last two weeks. Watch this space, as there’s bound to be a blog post about them. However, until this time, the best use of your marketing energy should go into reading this blog post from the Customer Experience Director at Barclays, Clive Grinyer. This insightful look into CX, beyond the organisation and focused on the actual customer, could transform many businesses and avoid them landing in my upcoming blog post! Please put the customer at the centre, so we can all carry on. 


SnapDonateInstantly Donate To Charity With A Pic
It’s usually the simplest of ideas that take off, and I think SnapDonate is in this category. SnapDonate lets people donate to any charity, simply by scanning their logo whenever they see it. Simple, right? Unreal! That many times I see a great campaign or prompted reminder of great work that I would donate towards, but the barrier to me doing so is usually convenience and timing. With an image recognition database of over 13,000 UK charities, and choosing a donation amount up to GBP 50, I keep my fingers crossed that this app will be made available in Australia in no time.


The Ambulance DroneThe Ambulance Drone
YAY! A drone with a decent purpose! I’ve seen a drone for all sorts of weird and wonderful uses. Heavy on the weird, not so heavy on the wonderful. As far as usefulness goes, emergency first-aid is up there with the best. The Ambulance Drone pretty much speaks for itself. The first prototype delivers an Automated Defibrillator, addressing the high suffering rate of cardiac arrest in the EU. This genius drone is able to deliver life saving equipment in a 12km square area within 60 seconds. Love this. 


Bits & Pieces

  • There’s a new designer t-shirt business you need to get into, Dazdat, which has some really awesome creations, just in time for Christmas. This is an opportunity to get the man in your life something cool and fashionable this season.
  • Just in case one Facebook wasn’t enough, there’s another one coming, Facebook at Work
  • You may know I’m a stationery junkie. My handy tip for the best possible stationery online, you need to use Staples. I thought Officeworks was amazing, and then I found Staples. WOW.
  • Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should: social toys allowing babies to take selfies and Instagram from their cot. It’s truly weird. You can add a GPS lost umbrella service to this list too.
  • Ann Summers and personalisation. The mind boggles. What type of Ann Summers persona are you? You don’t have to answer this question 🙂


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