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I love conference season. There’s so much choice when it comes to digital and marketing, but the challenge is working out which are the best ones to attend. It’s going to sound bias that ADMA Global Forum ranked #1 for me this year, but it’s true. It’s only fair, since I’ve found another high ranker, that I share it with you – the Chief Strategy Officer Summit, recently held in Sydney. If you missed out, then you might want to put the Melbourne event on your agenda. I gained some real insight from the presenters, discussing the most difficult challenges and economic positions for a range of businesses. Who would have thought that a presentation from an Energy company would be so engaging! Watch this space as I’m likely to write a blog post about it. This week I also found myself presenting at CampusLink 2014, talking about the importance of data in engaging students and debating why we won’t be using Facebook as a platform of choice. You can check out my presentation on Slideshare.


Top 10 Web Design Topics of 2014Top 10 Web Design Topics Of 2014

When we think web design, most of us would think responsive design, right? I wonder though, if your mind ever wanders over to parallax scrolling, or infinite scrolling, or the simple flat design. I didn’t think so… that’s why this article was so interesting, looking at options that can make a big difference to the customer’s legibility, readability, mood and emotion.


Cloud KitchenThe Kitchen Of The Future

No, I’m not talking about the Internet Fridge. (I still think the first edition of the Internet Fridge was way ahead of its time.) This, on the other hand, is a bit of design wow. This is a new form of art come kitchen, inspired by a cloud. A Cloud Kitchen, if you will. Yes indeed, this portable kitchen is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, but I like it. I like it a lot. Particularly because it’s actually a kitchen, not just artwork. It would certainly replace my outdoor kitchen setting in a heartbeat. 

Qantas Points Quest – Case Study

Qantas Points Quest Case StudyI’m a Qantas Frequent Flyer (FF) and a loyal customer, actively picking Qantas over any other carrier for the benefits of leaving and arriving on time to my selected destinations. I also love loyalty programs and the Qantas program was in dire need of a refresh. Cue Qantas Points Quest, an interactive game for FF members to explore the new range of program partners (which are great) and understand how to earn points. Once you’ve explored the game once or twice, you get the gist, and admittedly, some great new partners and ways of earning points were identified. The case study gives you the vital facts for success, but I’m not sure claiming someone played 6,000 times during work hours is in favour of Qantas. In my world, that’s called a prize pig, not an engaged customer (or an engaged employee!). Regardless of the competition element, the interactive site is no longer available online. What a waste of money to remove the opportunity for customers to explore a new program. 

The Brainwriter

The BrainwriterThanks to a bucket of ice doing the Facebook rounds, awareness of ALS and Motor Neurone Disease is at an all time high. These debilitating diseases take away the control of the body, leaving the individual paralysed and trapped with a fully functioning mind. The Brainwriter does what it says on the packet. It’s an open source project specifically designed for Tempt1, a famous street artist, who developed ALS. This must see 5 min video is worth every second of your time to demonstrate the powerful world that we live in. Mind blown.

Great New Media For Healthcare

Medical ChannelsI hope that got your attention, because Medical Channels certainly got mine. There are so few patient-facing innovations available for pharma and healthcare marketers that close the gap between the HCP and patient, especially at those tricky waiting-room moments. Honestly, do you really think a patient is going to pick up an erectile disfunction pamphlet in a waiting room, with all eyes following their every move? That’s why this is so awesome – because Medical Channel is an RACGP and TGA partnered provider of digital comms in the GP waiting room! A perfect way to engage an audience the moment before they walk into the Doc’s office. Why aren’t our pharma companies capitalising on this precious influencer environment? Get on it! 

Girl Band: The Mrs

The MrsIf you haven’t heard of this girl band yet, then you will. You need to watch this. There are so many parts of the release of their single ‘I’m Enough‘ that need dissection, but I’ll give you a chance to form an opinion first. It looks like a basic new band releasing their first single, but I encourage you to take a closer look. Do you think there might be an FMCG brand behind this? Or is it the state of marketing in 2014 where musicians launch with a fully fledged merchandise offering?



How Upworthy Rock Content Marketing

UpworthyIf you’re not an Upworthy follower, then you ought to be. Upworthy are content kings and they’ve been brave enough to share their content marketing success with the world. Zuni’s Miranda Bond highlights how Upworthy have become so successful and the key tips to content success for all businesses.



Bits & Pieces

  • If you’re a Minecraft fan, then this ought to blow you away. You may have already known that there is a Minecraft Map of the UK, using 22 billion blocks to do it. Well, the upgraded 83 billion block map is so detailed, that you could even find your own house on it. That puts my model making to shame!
  • Originally I brought you the app to make your logo bigger. Just in case you’ve got something against apps, you can do it directly through this nifty Chrome extension.
  • Buzzword for 2015: Fog Computing. Before I launch into a rant about ridiculous new terms introduced in digital for the sake of it, you can read about it yourself if you’re up for a paradigm shift.
  • Instagram has started to roll out ads in our Aussie news feeds. Have you seen them in your feed yet?
  • There’s a chance you’ll be asked to create a pivot table in your marketing role in the not too distant future. This step-by-step guide might light your way if that’s the case.
  • For the Bear Grylls in all of us, I introduce the LifeStraw.






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