How KFC celebrates their 60th birthday, in digital

Best of Me- 

If You’re Happy And You Know It 

Hitachi, the Japanese tech giant has developed a wearable device that can wirelessly measure how happy you are. One wears a card-size device equipped with an acceleration sensor that detects certain types of actions from various types of movement such as walking, nodding and typing. It then uses the data it has collected to interpret your overall mood.

Google, Alphabet? 

5aac8be0-9e93-4a3b-96c6-02c11669dd8f-1Last week, Google announced a massive overhaul of its business structure and rebrand of its corporate entity.  Google will now be known as Alphabet on the stock exchange. But, what we use to search for stuff will still be known as Google, just one of Alphabet’s many businesses. Why did this happen?Well, Google monopolises the search advertising market, but not so well with other businesses. There’s Google X, the research lab; Calico that is dedicated to making people live longer; and also Google Ventures and Google Capital. By separating these activities, investors have greater clarity on how all the businesses are going and what’s worth investing in.  


The International Social Media Association

How often do you read the updated T&Cs from social platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter? I simply hit accept without a secondary glance at what they actually say. I’m extremely proud to be an Honorary Founding Member and sit on the Australian Expert Advisory Council for the newly created International Social Media Association (ISMA). ISMA is the global voice of social media law and is dedicated to harmonising legislation and policies on a global scale to advance, protect and balance the rights of individuals and businesses. We’re engaging with social media experts, stakeholders and specialist lawyers regarding industry developments for a preventative, rather than curative, approach to law making. Check out what we stand for and do, and if you’d like a raise an issue for our exploration, hit me with it!  

Bar Roulette


Meeting people has just taken a rather interesting turn of events. What happens when Uber meets Chat Roulette? Bar Roulette. This new app in the market selects a top rated bar from Yelp and an UberX is despatched to collect you and take you to your mystery bar destination. What a great way to discover new and exciting venues in your city. Now imagine if they incorporate Tinder into this process! 


 KFC Memory Bucket

I love the Dirty Bird (KFC). I’m a wing kind of gal. To celebrate its 60th birthday in Canada, KFC have rolled out an innovative photo printer disguised as a bucket that instantly prints your pictures. Why you ask? Because memories are apparently made around sharing a bucket of KFC. I can see the attraction, but I do wonder about the overall customer experience in delivering against the promise. 

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