Google’s world domination plan and targeting bored users 

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Google’s Customer Match

What’s Google doing to bring you closer to your customers in their moment of truth? Introducing Google Customer Match; a platform that uses email addresses to target much more personalised PPC ads and display ads across Gmail & YouTube. Similar to Facebook’s Custom
Audiences, this platform allows us to follow our audiences across devices and deliver them with much more personalised PPC campaigns.

 Raising your Digital Quotient

Digital Quotient


How can you measure the digital maturity of a company? Well, after conducting an in-depth survey of a 150 global companies, McKinsey have put forward a single, simple metric that looks at a company’s digital strategy, its capabilities and culture.  What I like about this is how it provides you with a comprehensive list of factors to consider when assessing how digital-ready your organisation is.

Live streaming pizza




Live streaming…. Pizza?

In a world dominated by Pizza Hut and Dominos, how can a local pizza maker differentiate their product offering? In Netherlands, La Place Restaurants teamed up with JCDecaux to create an interactive billboard that connected a chef to passers-by. Through live streaming, the chef chatted with people, asked them about their dream pizza and its ingredients and then proceeded to create it for them. Quite a funky way to drive in store visitation!

Five story telling techniques
Story telling


Storytelling is seen as the new ‘black’ when it comes to business communications. Techniques such as using anecdotes, relying on appropriate (or inappropriate!) levity and the use of contract for visual story telling can go a long way.

Content plans backfiring  



Can content marketing plans backfire? 

Absolutely according to this Forbes article! Let’s say you produce a 1,000 word article that can be summarised in a single sentence with no value, this is considered as a ‘thin’ content piece; something that is quite of low value to your audience. Creating the wrong sort of content can leave you with a lower organic search rankings, a damaged reputation, and a ton of wasted time and money.

Bits & pieces

  • Previously, we spoke about technology that recognises when mobile phone users are bored.So, how can you create a mobile strategy that specifically entices these users? It comes back to creating relevant and interesting content that excites the user at that particular given time. 
  • Have you considered adopting slide tutorials as a part of your mobile retention strategy? This can come in the form of a video or as 3-5 slides that becomes the first thing the user sees. The intro basically explains benefits, features and functionality. Here are 3 other mobile app retention tactics you can employ to drive up user engagement.
  • Here are 30 surprising features of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest that can help with your content production and distribution!BOM sign up


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