Google’s Mobile SEO Matters, A Lot

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I must have done something right in the last newsletter as my open rates and CTRs were through the roof. Thank you, but I’d love to know what I did so right and that way I can do it again! I’ve barely seen the Zuni team over the last fortnight, with Sydney-Brisbane-Melbourne-Sydney training days going on, Jacki’s been down in Tassie with the University of Tasmania, Alan was also in Tassie for RACT Insurance and Mark’s been flat out with O Week for Macquarie University and the implementation of our strategy. My picture today is of a very happy client, receiving a surprise present from me in the post. This made my day.

Snapchat Discover
Snapchat DiscoverYou might know nothing at all about Snapchat Discover, but you need to. The four year old app has access to 71% of their 100 million users who are under 25 years old. Discover is the platform where marketer’s content disappears after 24 hours. You heard that right. See why you need to know about it! This is an enormous opportunity for marketers to target a very influential and impressionable group of individuals. Our resident young person, Isha Karnik (our junior strategist) highlights how it works and why she’s in love with it.



Micro Interactions


The Value Of Micro Interactions
In this digital world, sometimes it’s the little things that make you appreciate the device or tool you’re using. For me, it’s the little blips and bloops my phone makes. I don’t know why, I just find it satisfying. Well, in this blog piece, our very own Alan Clark explores things like this that are known as micro interactions. Measuring interaction doesn’t just have to be about video plays and shares, there’s a whole world of interactions just waiting to be measured by brands. 

FOXTEL’s Competitive Advantage?
FOXTEL Alert ShirtAs companies like Netflix and Stan start to eat into Foxtel’s profits, they need to explore ways to make themselves stand out. Well, they’re having a play with that by introducing the ‘Alert Shirt’, created by wearableexperiments. It’s haptic technology, which is nothing new, but it’s really cool how they’re trying to get the viewer closer to the game. I’ll take any excuse to watch those men run around in tiny shorts, but the idea of now ‘feeling’ what a tackle is actually like? I’m in.

 Google Makes Mobile Matter – Mobile SEO

Google's Mobile SEO Matters

In my training sessions, I’m always amazed at the number of brands who still think of mobile as a separate channel… Consumers don’t really differentiate between desktop and mobile – they expect an equally awesome experience across both. Google has now given further reason for you to make sure you’re being friendly to mobile users by including it as a ranking signal. Basically from the 21st of April, if you’re mobile game isn’t up to scratch, Google will punish you. Google are all about an outstanding customer experience for their searchers and now it means more than ever to a brand if you’re going to rank in the results page.

The Net Remains Neutral – Hooray!
Celebrating Net NeutralityWe’ve been keeping a close eye on the net neutrality debate here at Zuni, because the implications should it have failed would have been monumental. Yes, it’s primarily a US thing, but the fallout would have pushed round the globe… But never mind that, because on Thursday the internet was voted to stay as a level playing field for all, which is fantastic news for innovation. Check out this BBC article summarising it, or go see Econsultancy’s celebratory blog piece which covers the main reason we all wanted the internet to remain as it is – funny stuff.

Facebook Helps Stop Suicides
Facebook Helps Stop SuicideIf you’ve been reading our newsletter for some time, you’ll know we’ve been working with the Young and Well CRC for a number of years on keeping young people safe and well online. I was interested with Facebook’s decision to step in with a new tool to try and help stop suicides. It’s only in the US at the moment, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on it. In this hyper-connected but not actually-connected world, mental health problems are a rising concern, so we hope this helps people who need it. Great work Facebook.



Bits & Pieces

  • Whilst I’d always recommend an actual strategy to give you the answer to this, you may be asking how often you should be posting to your business social media assets. Don’t take this as gospel, but this infographic is a good starting point from SumAll.
  • TEDx comes to Sydney in May this year, and this brilliant video had all the Zuni office chuckling. How to appear smart in your TEDx talk.
  • We can retire 3D printing innovation now, we’ve reached the pinnacle with 3D printed pancakes! Or how about the uber cool doodler!
  • The internet went crazy this week over a dress because nobody could agree on the colour, which led to a lot of opportunistic articles. Check out the Wired take on things. (P.S I saw gold and white, but Isha saw blue and black)
  • I love this! It’s a website that helps you with sign language. Just type a word and it will give you the sign!
  • ‘Correlation doesn’t necessarily equate causation’, as our strategist Mark constantly reminds us. However, sometimes correlations are fun! The decline of bees has led to increased arrests for marijuana possession. So sad. So funny. 
  • The absolutely fabulous mobile report of the year is now available. The AIMIA 10th Edition Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index Report is available for download.  These Aussie stats are amazing, so don’t miss it. This year’s special topic: Mobile Phone Use Compared To The Tablet And Personal Computer.


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