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Let’s be honest, big birthdays are meaningful. It’s my big 40th on Friday, so I celebrated a little early with new hair. Like? 
Getting older usually sparks some type of life reflection in people. It did in me, and came out in the form of a blog post for the IAB, titled Three Leadership Behaviours That Demotivate Your Team. I think it’s important to keep yourself up to date with leadership practice and, of course, the impact of your leadership style. I’d love to know if any of my identified traits are common with you and how you combat these in your workplace.




Ello Raises Another $5m

51514928-1f95-41a8-935f-071edb9f1b95I wrote a while ago about Facebook’s new competitor, Ello, only, they don’t really compete. Ello’s claiming to change the social world as we know it; ‘free from advertising, manipulation, and exploitation’. As it’s a business, the owners are treating it like one, basing Ello on a freemium model to start with and premium features to follow. They may promote a celebrity profile must-have list, but the question is there to be asked: can they really achieve mass penetration plus personalised context without the power of the advertising and data dollar? It remains to be seen.



How Does ‘Carousel Banner Blindness’ Damage Customer Experience?

4520cc52-252a-4138-8feb-323c684f31ec s’m making an assumption that you’ve already heard of banner blindness, with the term coined in 1997. You’ve likely seen plenty of heat map examples demonstrating it. As we move beyond our longest standard form of digital advertising, display media (or banners), it’s critical marketers implement what we’ve learned so far. Carousels are arguably going through a similar transition, and if we’re not careful, we’re about to repeat the banner ad mistakes. This great story provides tangible solutions whilst improving customer experience at every click.


236160b4-214a-4c27-943d-5448c4a82985Rocketbook: Cloud-Integrated And Microwaveable

The Rocketbook is like no other (that I know of). For a stationery junkie, this is THE ultimate notebook. Marked up with cloud-based icons on the bottom of each page, you can handwrite into your notebook and, using your smartphone, send all those pages to the cloud for auto-categorisation. When your notebook is all full, don’t ditch it. Microwave it for 30 seconds and erase everything! It’s still in crowdfunding stage and I’ve backed this investment along with 18k+ people who also think it’s a cracking idea. 

Google’s Mobile Network – Project Fi

897f383f-503b-4bdb-bbf7-ac27ff8b328aI’ve been waiting for this for about 3 years, and it’s finally here. Google has announced it’s launching its own mobile network. Currently available on Nexus handsets, Project Fi leverages existing networks in the US to operate the pay-what-you-use model. Google’s position is to offer the best possible reliable connection for individuals, and will switch between operators depending on who has the strongest signal. I’m surprised it’s taken Google this long to launch, but you can bet your last dollar that improvements and various partnerships with Project Fi will be coming thick and fast. Think of all that data…


66b9225e-5805-4501-873f-16944e05b349Special Needs QR Coded Clothes

As the mother of a special needs daughter, the use of QR codes to communicate needs really caught my attention. This not-for-profit organisation, If I Need Help, has created wearable products with QR Codes, identifying that the wearer may need help. I know that in principle, this is such an innovative concept, but on the other hand, I can’t help but think of the disastrous implications if this was mis-used. There is ‘Tile‘ to track items you don’t want to lose, and trust me I’ve considered this for my daughter already. Surely there’s a forward-thinking fashion brand that could extend their brand offering?


Click Farms And Fake Facebook Likes

c353f2f5-ad0f-41e3-aec1-ee466dca4b77If you wanted to create an internet scam in 2005, you’d be looking at email campaigns. Ten years later, and you’re looking at social media as the platform. This article is a ‘must read’ on the world of click farms and fake Facebook likes. It’s a fascinating insight into the Philippines ‘digital trade’ on a day-by-day basis, citing stats like an estimated 50% of Facebook likes from paid Facebook campaigns are likely to be fake. WOW.



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