Is Facebook killing Twitter or it’s just the Vine’s death?

Facebook adds functionality to take on LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. 

Expanding their Audience Network, Facebook is testing the provision of video ads on video streaming platforms including Apple TV and Roku. On the B2B side of their business, Facebook is taking on LinkedIn Pulse, and they’ve just released the Business Influencers Guide, which connects businesses with customers, employees and professionals around the world.
It explains how to use Facebook Live, Facebook Mentions, 360-degree videos and other features for thought and business leadership purposes. They also testing new features on Instagram in order to bridge the gap between discovery and purchase. At this rate, we’ll soon have job roles that are just about specialising in Facebook.


The struggle of Twitter and the death of Vine. twitter

Twitter is having a hard time with profitability and is cutting some jobs as well as killing Vine 6-seconds video network. Nevertheless, they have launched new features for Direct Messages, based on Bots (of course!). It provides a new way for companies to connect with their customers and a better alternative to phone calls to customer service. Following the influencer marketing trend in social media, Twitter also released its Moments feature to all users about a month ago. It is a visual representation of a hashtag and brands can create a Moment related to their offerings or even events. As a tribute to Vine’s funeral, you might refresh your memories about some remarkable campaigns done on it in the past. 


bitcoinHave you got your head around Blockchain and digital currency?

Blockchain’s rapid uptake is continuing, and now major international banks are implementing the technology for trades. Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin – an easy explainer video can be found here.  It’s already being adopted across the Australian fin-tech marketplace, and with Bitcoin as its “proof of concept”, continues to expand. $22m worth of bitcoin was already sold in an Australian-first auction in June this year. We’ve already got industry association ADCCA who foster and facilitate relations between DC businesses, government and other bodies. And there’s even an official Digital Currency Guide placed on government web source.



Bits & Pieces:

  • VR is the technology topic of the moment, with great applications for marketing rolling out every day – AdAge has the top 10 best VR creative ideas for marketing in one place. As a fan of the Martian, I’m still keen for a walk on Mars.
  • Annoyed with the speed of your broadband – add your voice and take part in the State of the Internet Australia survey.
  • Cool infographic on what happens in 60 seconds of online e-commerce
  • Want to know how much you’re worth? LinkedIn has launched the LinkedIn Salary feature – unfortunately, it doesn’t have Australian data yet.
  • Case Study on how to write a blog post that brings a big crowd to your website.
  • Want to know why people are voting for Trump and the impact of filter bubbles? WSJ gives you a glimpse into the Facebook feed of a Trump supporter


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