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Some months ago we soft launched our new strategy product, Zuni Uni, a program that combines our training and consulting expertise to help businesses develop a high quality digital strategy in 8 weeks. I’m delighted to share news that ADMA were so impressed with our approach that they’ve agreed to endorse Zuni Uni and asked us to use Zuni Uni to power a new product in their education suite, the Digital Strategy Development Program. The program launched last week and rolls out in May. If you’re interested in the Zuni Uni approach or learning more about the program, just give me a shout. My other training activity also caught the attention of CMO, and they profiled the work I’ve been doing with Mirvac.

Google’s Mobile Algorithm Kicks In
Google's Mobile Algorithm Kicks InWith Google’s mobile friendly website-wash kicking in yesterday, companies are scrambling to make sure they’re meeting Google’s requirements for their pages to be ranked well in search results. Organisations are finding they have to take an agile approach to website updates rather than starting from scratch. The improvements are there to benefit consumers, so it’ll be interesting to see who loses out. This Econsultancy post identifies some pretty high profile websites that have quite a bit of work to do.


Four Ways To Improve Sign Up And Survey Forms

Four Ways To Improve Sign Up And Survey Form PerformanceSometimes it’s the little things that can make a huge difference in marketing, and sign up or survey forms are at the top of the list. With the sophistication of smartphones, consumer expectations around UX have increased. However, the output from businesses hasn’t really seen the needle change. Alan’s blog post looks at four key ways you can not only improve the UX for your customers, but ultimately improve the conversion rates for completed forms.


Mexico Trains Address Obesity

Mexican SquatsI’m obsessed with life hacks at the moment, so this caught my attention. Obesity is a problem in many countries. Mexico has taken tackling the problem to a whole new level with the introduction of a free train ticket in exchange for squats. Yep, a little bit of exercise. 30 motion-sensitive machines have been installed at local stations and will spit out a free ticket for no less than 10 squats. As most consumers globally will do anything for free, it feels like it could work. I’ll definitely keep an eye on reduction in obesity stats with this innovation.


Tidal Vs Music Streaming Services
Jay Z's Tidal

You may have been following the launch of Tidal, mostly because of the A-List music stakeholders such as Jay Z, Usher, Madonna and Jack White. To me, it’s just another music streaming service available (and it doesn’t float my boat). To others, it’s the BEST music streaming service. What makes this platform any more interesting or engaging than their rivals is yet to be seen in my eyes, as this Mashable video identifies just what the differences are and whether or not you’re the right type of customer.

Burberry Live On Periscope

Burberry's Periscope London in LA ShowBurberry gained our digital attention back in 2013 with their customer centric approach and the Salesforce platform. Back then, Burberry’s Angela Ahrendts defected to Apple but left the brand in fantastic shape. This iconic brand has managed to stay ahead of the game, and most recently broadcast their ‘London in LA’ show via Periscope, Twitter’s new live streaming app. They didn’t stop with their technology stack their either. They used Snapchat to communicate with fans and have previously hooking up with WeChat in China and Line in Japan, using Japanese emojis. This is a great brand that isn’t afraid to try something new.

Driving In The Future

NavdyIf you’ve ever been caught using your mobile phone behind the wheel, you’re going to LOVE this new innovation, Navdy. Yet to be seen to meet Aussie road legislation, the Navdy keeps your eyes on the road whilst integrating mobile ‘needs’. Simply attach it to your dashboard and its apps integrate with iOS or Android. It’s an explosion of technology; leveraging voice recognition, hand gestures and visual projections all integrated into your phone’s capabilities for the ultimate driving experience (that won’t cost you 3 points off your licence and a $304 fine…). There’s also an Aussie startup that’s part of the NRMA Jumpstart program that’s tackling the same issue.

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