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It may be school holidays, but it’s been a busy couple of weeks at Zuni. Mike is in New York for 3 weeks and Jacki has come back from Tasmania after experiencing the amazing Dark Mofo festival at MONA in Tasmania. Just take a look at this incredible Winter Feast picture, how fabulous! On the blog, Mark is looking at the matter of ‘truth’ behind Google’s search results and I’ve fallen in love with physical cookies.

Hope you enjoy this issue!

Something Haunting You?

Something Haunting You?Our latest campaign work for the Young and Well CRC has finally launched! Aiming to engage young men in practical ways to overcome everyday stressors, the ‘Something Haunting You?’ campaign uses a combination of zombies and action-taking initiatives to help 15 – 17 year old young men find help. Around 40% of young men in this age group have some level of emotional stress, and are more than four times more likely to take their own lives. Zuni’s 5 year relationship with the Young and Well CRC sees this as the 3rd campaign in the Safe and Well Online project and we’re extremely proud of the output that was co-designed with young people. Congratulations to Mark for project managing this baby!


Days Of Our Digital Lives

Days Of Our Digital LivesHave you ever wondered what we search for and when? This insightful article looks at the ins and outs of our search queries. The data is pretty interesting and amusing really (the popularity of which is being connected, in part, with cannabis use); between 2 – 4am is the prime time for questions like:

  • what is the meaning of consciousness?
  • does free will exist?
  • is there life on other planets?


Nanotechnology Swimwear
Frank Anthony Nanotechnology

Just imagine the day that swimwear no longer gets wet. That day has already arrived thanks to Frank Anthony Swimwear that uses nanotechnology in its fabric. In layman’s terms that means there’s technology built into the fabric which prevents up to 90% of water absorption. Sure, I can think through all the benefits of going to the beach with these products, but what about the amazing application of this fabric in uses such as military uniforms? While this is all about swimwear, Google and Levis also teamed up for Project Jacquard, where the threads in your jeans can connect to circuitry and react to gestures or other attributes such as heart rate.


Should You Care About The Apple Watch?

Should you care about the Apple Watch?

I remember when the iPad came out and I had enormous reservations about the need for a phone that wouldn’t ring anyone and a computer that didn’t have a USB port on it. Years later, I still don’t have an iPad but I can at least understand the appeal. Now we have the Apple Watch, and when asked if I would be buying one, I’d say no. As a marketer, should you care about this new technology as yet? According to AdAge, yes. If we’re all focused on customer centricity and improving the customer experience, this little gem could revolutionise our brand love. were one of the first Australian brands to release an app with the watch, designed on their product philosophy “to be on all devices that people use in their property search, to make their journey simple, efficient and stress free.’


Twitter Releases Personas For Targeting
Twitter Personas
If there’s any indication that Twitter are serious about monetising their platform, it’s the launch of personas to aid targeting for brands. The personas still focus on basic attributes such as Generation X, which for me is a step in the right direction, but perhaps not quite as useful as understanding why consumers use Twitter in the first place and matching interests and content consumed as a segment.


Microsoft Windows 10 Is Free

Microsoft 10 is FREEThe impending release of Windows 10 is gathering much attention after the disastrous Windows 8 experience and the words FREE UPGRADE is music to most people’s ears. The promises from Windows 10 are encouraging, and they’re ticking boxes for both personal and business users. The cross platform interface looks encouraging, as do some of the workflows presented in this video. Microsoft is also pandering to developers b allowing Android and iOS applications to be easily hosted on Windows, which is a big step. There are heaps of other changes that I won’t cover here, but Microsoft is aiming to have Windows 10 on a billion devices in three years. Not impossible, but let’s see if they can fix the problems 8 caused for their image.

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Suncorp Bank Case Study


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