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Will content still be king in 2017? 

According to CISCO, 70% of the internet traffic is video, and that’ll jump to 82% in a couple of years – are you on top of your video content production game? Facebook now has the second largest number of video views according to ComScore, behind Google, and is about to launch “mid-roll” advertising which is likely to reduce your enjoyment of those cat videos. Facebook’s push into martech (marketing technology) sees their Audience Network now reaching over 1 billion people. And if you want to know what comes after Top Gear, it’s Amazon’s growing video network you’ll need to be watching (launched in Australia in December for $5.99), as it steps up to compete with YouTube Red and Netflix. At the same time, we’ll see the continued focus on “content marketing” by brands, but I think “native advertising” is likely to continue to grow as publishers attempt to monetize their audiences by whatever means possible. And here’s the top marketing content (ie. ads) for Australia in 2016 on YouTube. 


Are you doing enough with your data?

I continue to be impressed with how Spotify use their data in new and interesting ways, from using the Spotify Singles case study as a great example of data-led retention campaigns when lecturing, to being impressed by their hyper-local outdoor campaign in December. They’ve now also launched the Daily Mix, a selection of playlists / radio stations based on your listening habits – and based on a week’s listening, they’re pretty good. Are you getting the most out of your data?


Predictions and the state of the internet. 

We’re in the season of “annual predictions and trends”, with everyone and his dog gazing into their crystal ball about the future. If you’re looking for facts and data to base your predictions on, We Are Social are in the process of releasing their compendium of stats by market (with a strong social skew), or Comscore can give you a global perspective in return for your email address. I think there’s some interesting thinking here about what we’re in for 2017, along with the standard stuff. 


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