A Comedy Club Charges Per Laugh

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I’m off to a flying start with a roller coaster training schedule for ADMA for the whole of February. I’m delighted to see businesses investing in their marketing teams to keep them fresh, current and informed with today’s marketing practices. ADMA’s got the latest and greatest in education options for you, and if you book now and use our special code ZUNIVIP, you’ll get 10% off education programs (and events and conferences too)!

In other big news, my daughter Angelique started kindergarten this week ūüôā¬†

Hope you all have a wonderful fortnight, 


 5 New Mobile Marketing Strategies

As our New mobile marketing strategies love affair with smartphones continues, it’s good to see some energy being put into the mobile space. A strategy is not a series of mobile banner ads, and this great blog from Econsultancy gives you some opportunities. Consumer behaviour is paramount to understand, and once you’ve worked it out, you have to apply it to your customer’s experience.¬†


pplkpr app

App Tells You Which Friends Stress You Out

Have you ever wondered which friends make you feel good and which ones bring you down? Well, there’s an app for that, pplkpr. The latest in wearable technology, the app will track your heart rate and collect data on your interactions with certain people. The more data it collects, the more insight it will gain on who makes you happy and who doesn’t.


  Top 50 Content Marketers

top 50 content marketers One of the best ways to learn is to look at what others are doing. Here’s an excellent resource from Kapost, highlighting the top 50 content marketers. Complete with description of content greatness, this awesome summary provides all the social stats for each business and valuable, relevant resource links throughout.¬†Even if you’re not in a position to be content led at the moment, there’s plenty to learn in this report and provides some golden insights. Definitely worth the read.


Need Some Yoga Help?

wearable tech

If you’ve found balancing on your yoga mat a bit of a challenge,¬†there’s now some digital help for you in the shape of the SmartMat. This interactive mat detects when you’re out of alignment and gives you real-time feedback on how to improve your pose. The free app will store and manage all your data so you can track your progress with your personal yoga instructor.


Comedy Club Charges Per Laugh 

facial recognition

It’s a catchy headline, but an accurate description. Using facial recognition, you pay for each smile – 30 Euro cents. Entry to the show is free, so if you’re not satisfied, you don’t pay! There was a laugh ‘ceiling’ so you didn’t blow your entire entertainment budget. Great stats on increases of audience attendance¬† and event success.


¬†25 ibeacon Uses That Aren’t RetailiBeacon cases

I love lists like this. Some of them are a bit far fetched, but you get the drift. I think my favourite is dog tracking. My labrador has gone on his own escapade twice now, an ibeacon would have come in very handy!


 Consumer Feelings Captured For Marketers

emotional technology platform

If facial recognition at Comedy Clubs isn’t enough, we now have a biometric wristband that gauges real-time crowd reactions. XOX are branding themselves as an emotional technology platform. If the outcomes are as awesome as the promises in the product description, then XOX should be a household name in no time. The branding is pretty clever too.¬†




Bits & Pieces

  • Have you ever seen an awesome site and wondered what technology it was built with? Well wonder no longer, because you find out by simply putting in the URL at BuiltWith.
  • This App, Rise,¬†offers 1:1 daily diet advice.¬†How cool is that!
  • Did you hear the news about China blocking foreign websites access from it’s people? Their censorship of the internet is just amazing to me, I’m truly shocked.
  • Need an Instagram Analytics tool? Give PicStats a try. The link takes you to an active account so you can immediately see what you get.
  • Have a laugh. 31 perfect Valentines for non-romantic people.
  • The World University Rankings are out! Where do you rank?
  • Here are 8 free Twitter tools that you may not know about. Definitely spend 3¬†mins with this if you use Twitter.


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