Drug Vending Machines, Facebook’s Video Algorithm and HTML 5 Awesomeness

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A big shout this week to all my ADMA students who have completed the Digital Marketing Certificate in the last few weeks. I am so impressed with their final group presentations and knowing that these marketers are out there with some of the best tools and knowledge available is just fantastic. The flowers I received from a certain group (you know who you are) are still adorning my living room and the heart-warming comments I’m receiving are a constant reminder of how rewarding teaching really is. The motivation and enthusiasm from these marketers is infectious; they just couldn’t get enough. The moment they left the room each day, they were so keen to apply their learnings to their day-to-day roles.

As a tutor, I’ve found I’m hearing common themes from marketers across all industry sectors, so my blog post this week shares the 5 facts I’ve learned from teaching digital marketing. If you’re looking to upskill yourself or your team, yell out and we can talk tailored training solutions.


Influencing Your Visitor Behaviour

 What fish can teach you about consumer behaviour  

Predicting and influencing visitor behaviour is difficult because websites aren’t linear, so trying to measure your customers in a linear manner isn’t indicative of reality. Mark has been writing for Marketing Magazine and this time he’s thinking of customers as fish in a tank. The tank is your website….


Social Media: Playing by the Rules

Social Media Playing by the Rules by Axis Legal   

There are many examples of social media fails, some of which can land you in hot water. This awesome legal guide from Axis Legal is written by Australian digital media experts. It’s an easy read, with loads of real life practical examples to help you make the right decisions. If it’s too late for you and you’re trying to bounce back because your online reputation has tanked, then perhaps you need this step-by-step guide to put you back on track.


Prescription Drug Vending Machines

  HealthSpot Video Conferencing

This is actually quite a simple concept, yet one that’s only just about to be realised. HealthSpot and MedAvail are coming together to provide a solution utilising audio visual technology, bringing pharmacies to restricted access environments and/or remote areas. Patients start at a private, walk-in kiosk that offers instant access to medical diagnoses from doctors via videoconferencing and interactive, digital tele-health tools. This can change the pharmacy environment in a heartbeat and bridges the technology gaps in healthcare like never before.


Virgin America’s Online Excellence

Virgin America does HTML 5   

When a five year old understands that tablets and mobile “don’t do flash” (that’s Jacki’s daughter), you know you’ve reached mass awareness. Virgin America have launched their new website with stunning beauty utilising HTML 5. It’s like buzzword-bingo over there, using responsive design, cards, clean lines, basic IA, iconography and some of the best UX I’ve seen. This has real WOW for me; totally uncluttered and focused on delivering me, the customer, just what I came here for.


Facbook’s Algorithm Improves Video in News Feed

 Facebook Video  

We’ve all noticed videos in our Facebook feed increasing and, as it turns out, that’s not just pure luck. As video viewership has doubled in the last six months, Facebook has met consumer demand by increasing its prioritisation of videos in our News Feed.

The algorithm determines whether someone has watched a video and for how long they watched it. It then factors in likes, comments, and shares, which provides relevant and personalised content delivered directly to consumers.


Bits & Pieces

  • mobile app from Samsung that promotes safe driving and also offers tangible rewards. Very cool.
  • Here are 64 Content Marketing Tools to make life easier. I’ve used many of these so yell out if you need a hand.
  • Satisfy your inner shopaholic with Twitter’s new “Buy Now” button. Come on Pinterest, speed up the innovation!
  • You’ve probably already seen “If Google Was A Guy“. Well to add to the humour, these two old geeza’s play out YouTube commentary from popular videos. Hilarious. Warning – contains user generated content which includes swearing.
  • How people use different social networks in different ways. Great report and graphs of who is using what platform and for what purpose, with success.
  • You haven’t met our new team member Miranda just yet, but you will, and there’s no better way to get to know her than by reading her latest blog post:  10 Steps to Email Marketing Success for Non Profits. Miranda recently presented on the subject of Email Marketing at the IAB’s free day of digital marketing training to the fantastic not-for-profit, UN LTD.


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