Samsung Galaxy S5 does PayPal payments & your loved ones become a diamond

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Last week I was lucky enough to spend a few days in the Hunter Valley attending the Customer 360 Symposium. Unlike most industry events, this symposium was focused on the client rather than the agency side. I heard from many companies struggling to understand the customer experience in totality and how businesses must transform to remove barriers and improve the bottom line. Without a doubt, the most inspirational of all speakers was Michael Henderson, Corporate Anthropologist. Michael explained how the culture of a business has the most impact on development, behaviour, growth and leadership. As I’ve been recently reflecting on culture myself, I found myself in total agreement. Ask yourself – does your team feel safe & trusted? As a leader, do you release oxytocin into your teams? So much amazing food for thought!

University accepting Bitcoin

Virtual currencies can be puzzling – quite literally they only exist online and they aren’t controlled by any central authority. Whilst the Bitcoin currency is quite volatile, it’s not stopping every day business from accepting the currency as a legit payment method. I wrote last July about the pub in Hackney taking the coins and facilitating the exchange for ASOS and Zara, and here we see the next progression – the University of Nicosia in Cyprus allowing students to settle their tuition fees with Bitcoin. MOOCs are already disrupting the education sector, what else could there be?

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 + PayPal = Love


I’m a big fan of Samsung’s Galaxy technology and with the S5 now available, news of the PayPal mobile payment system is like music to my ears (and no doubt that of thousands of other Australians). You will be able to use a fingerprint scan to access your account and make payments online. Considering the latest Heartbleed security scare of exposed passwords, the fingerprint access is perfectly timed. Can. Not. Wait.

Remembrance Diamonds

I love jewellery and I love diamonds (like most women), so imagine my surprise when I found the Remembrance Diamond – created from the ashes of your loved one in memory and tribute to their wonderful life!  Yep, no longer do you pop grandma in an urn as a doorstop or shelf ornament, you can actually distill that memory into a sparkling piece of jewellery. We’re seeing 3D printed jewellery already but this is taking technology & manufacturing to a whole new level.

The Internet of Caring Things

You may have heard about The Internet of Things – where everyday physical objects will be connected to the Internet and be able to identify themselves to other devices. Well The Internet of Caring Things is about putting the customer front and centre by having these “things” actually care about them (like a bike helmet that will call your emergency contact in the event of an accident). This brilliant briefing from explores a range of cool innovations that care about you.

Ratings & Reviews made easy

It’s no secret that as marketers we’re looking to sway every aspect of consumer influence across all channels. Remarkably, we listen to and trust reviews & opinions of complete strangers on everything from beauty recommendations, to travel, food and customer service. The power of word of mouth has us all buzzing and now Bazaarvoice in Australia is facilitating the ability to harness user generated content to increase ad effectiveness. Check them out, their impressive client list speaks for itself.

Loyalty without the points

I’m constantly researching worthwhile retention and loyalty campaigns from businesses and honestly, I struggle to find anything remotely innovative or interesting. Toxic discounting is not sustainable and will only hurt the retail economy in the long run, and most consumers don’t need another plastic loyalty card with empty points to add to their wallet. Then I discovered Wynbox: a buy-to-win promotional mechanic which encourages customers to commit to their purchase with you, for the chance to win their purchase for free. Clever. You’re going to buy the product anyway, why not run the chance of a freebie? Aussies are gamers, we love this stuff!

Bits & Pieces

  • 12 elegant new responsive websites for design inspiration.
  • Augmented Reality can be quite blah when it comes to being useful, but TexTales has done something pretty awesome by creating bed linen that can tell a story through AR. Shame it didn’t get its Kickstarter funding off the ground.
  • Best practice customer segmentation implementation for brand communications from Datalicious.
  • Tired of the uneven spread of Olive Oil? Stress-be-gone with the Olive Oil Roller, engineered for bread!
  • Get 24/7 help for your house with NRMA’s Emergency Home Assist. This brilliant product offering gives you 8 call-outs a year for the 10 most common home emergencies. Yes please!
  • Consumers spend two hours and 19 minutes each day using apps – which begs the question, are you mobile ready?


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