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Admitting that you’ve been wrong can sometimes be difficult.

9 months ago we changed the way this newsletter is written. Originally I personally wrote it every fortnight, and then we decided perhaps you might like a change of tone, as each strategist took hold of the newsletter and added their personal touch. According to my open and article click through rates, it appears you may not have liked that approach too much. And that’s ok, it was worth a shot to see if the diversity added value to you. So I’m admitting that I was wrong, and I’m prepared to fix it – and so from now on it’ll be me writing about all things digital in each issue (and we’ve had a bit of a face-life).

Thanks for sticking with us as we tried out something new. It’s the beauty of digital really – to test and learn, and sometimes to learn we have to fail. Onwards and upwards we go!  If you’re happy with the return of Val, or if you have any suggestions on how we can make this newsletter more useful to you, then let me know. It would be nice to hear from you.

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Wearables beyond Fitbit

Ready to Wear Tech

Wearable technology is usually referred to as Google Glass or Fitbit. But did you know that there are nearly 30 ready-to-wear tech solutions CURRENTLY available? Indeed there are – and 70% of them are all about your health and fitness. Here’s an awesome interactive infographic showing which part of the body controls which technology and a brief description of all the tech you could be wearing right now.


Can gut feel exist in an analytical world?

Data v Gut Feeling  

With so much data and analtyics at our fingertips, is there any room left for a “gut feeling”? Perhaps there is when you’ve got enough experience to make a call without the data backing you up. But what if the computer says no? Werner explores the middle ground – when should you can rely on your gut and when it’s time to put aside your personal experiences and look at what’s right in front of you.


App Understands Sign Language

  MotionSavvy Sign Language App

Google Gesture may be a fake, but MotionSavvy definitely isn’t. By using gesture recognition technology, this awesome app is the next generation of deaf communication tools. A friend of mine is deaf and his lip reading and text speed is cray cray, but it does let us have a normal-speed conversation. This will change the ability for the deaf community to finally have the lifestyle they crave. Phenomenal.


Customer Loyalty for Retail


I totally struggle with loyalty in the retail sector for the simple truth that I just don’t see many great, or even good, examples of it. I’m pleased to have found these 9 retail apps that are promoting customer loyalty. At the end of the day, however, they aren’t loyalty programs, they just provide a good app experience which could encourage loyal behaviour…so my search for great loyalty programs continue.


Shark Detection Buoy by Optus

  Project Clever Buoy

It’s magnificently true. The Clever Buoy uses the extensive Optus Network and sonar to track a shark’s movements, and when it does, it sends an alert to lifeguards on the beach. Winner of this month’s IAB Creative Showcase, the Clever Buoy could be a fantastic solution to shark safety for all Aussies. There’s a dramatic difference between current shark bating and netting solutions to the Clever Buoy – so fingers crossed the research proves effective. If you’re up for a bit of background, check out the Cannes panel chat about his campaign.


Bits & Pieces

  • There’s an app for that – to make your logo bigger!
  • Facebook may have killed off organic reach for brands, but that’s not the end of customer engagement. Mike’s article for CMO explores why Facebook is still a vital part of a brand’s social media and marketing strategy.
  • Here are 19 horrific social media fails from 2014 already!
  • Sometimes a female version of something is actually doing good in the world. But Bic Pens has something very different in mind, like a Lady Pen.
  • I’m delighted to see a bit of humour in advertising for a dry category – medical devices. Every industry has in-jokes, I’m just glad there are still a few brave people out there!


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