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I’m sorry that I’ve missed a week between issues – your emails of concern were encouraging. It’s been frantic for us – both Mike and I were roundtable moderators for Econsultancy’s Digital Cream event plus we’re busily pulling together the last creative reviews for our amazing Young and Well CRC campaign for 12-18s about respect. With the launch looming, it’s an exciting time to be talking about online respect as we near the end of the school year where students will spend a lot more time online. I learnt some great things from the fantastic brands I had at my table at Digital Cream and am sharing some of the not-so-secret below in Bits & Pieces. Hope you find them useful.

World’s First Vertical Forest


A vertical forest? Yes indeed, that’s exactly what this eco-building is. Bosco Verticale is a 27-story eco-building in Milan. It’s all about creating a reforestation in a metropolitan environment, contributing to regeneration and bio-diversity in the urban jungle. Each one boasts 900 trees, resulting in filtering the dust particles in the locality, absorbing CO2, producing oxygen, protection from acoustic pollution and overall improving the quality of living spaces and saving energy.  There are so many pluses to this architecture, and honestly, I’m surprised this hasn’t been designed any sooner. Love it or what?

Customer Data: Clever or Creepy?


When I talk about using data for clever marketing there is inevitably someone who relates it to Big Brother watching over us. Privacy laws in Australia are relatively prescriptive compared to our neighbours, yet the marketing industry comes under fire when we’re trying to personalise our communications without it being “personally identifiable”. FastCompany explores what’s considered acceptable and where you draw the line – and at the core of those rights and wrongs is the keyword “judgement”.

YouTube a new TV network?


Is YouTube going to be a competitor to TV? The Top 1000 channels make “on average” $23,000 a month. In this article, comments show that most of this goes to the top 100. There’s a great infographic on how many ads are served and who is taking out the cashola, plus so much more.If you thought YouTube can’t really make you rich, just ask Justin Bieber. If you’re thinking that view counts aren’t legit, perhaps this process from YouTube will put you at ease.

Beware of Ransomware – in AUS now


Australian businesses have been targeted in fast-growing digital extortion racket – affecting home PC users as well. Basically criminals are hacking computers and encrypting the data – then demanding a ransom to return the data. It’s been happening in Queensland with medical data, and there is of course an expectation that the criminals will be back. This is scary stuff – do you know how secure your data really is?

All Things Facebook


Yes, it’s a new section because Facebook is all the hype and there’s plenty to talk about. I think that in itself is an admission of what we are – social. So:

Doctors matched with patients online


I’m quite happy that Australia’s pharma rules are more strict than say, the US rules. Every now and again I see progression in overseas markets that is just plain awesome – like BetterDoctor. The site aims to help US residents find a doctor which may be an improvement on their current provider. That may be their aim, but the service allows users to select the type of doctor they’re after, the insurance plans they work under and then lists applicable resources. Now that’s taking the guess work out of the medical centre – and in my eyes, there is no reason this couldn’t work in Australia.  Add social media recommendations to this and it’s an extremely powerful tool. The healthcare sector is the one to watch in 2013 and I for one am excited.

Credit Card Transactions on your mobile


I remember when processing a credit card using a portable transaction device looked like a suitcase – and now I see just how far we’ve come. Everyone can be a retailer with this nifty gadget called “Square“. It’s a little hardware plug-in for your smartphone which transforms it into a credit card strip reader. Fab. Currently available for your iPhone, Android or iPad.

Does Oreo deserve the backlash?


Oreo – the icon cookie brand – did something brave to celebrate “diversity and inclusiveness” by releasing a picture of their product on Facebook which ultimately supported Pride Month in June. Just like most other brands that do the same thing, Oreo copped it big time from conservative consumers, which I must admit in this day and age is surely a minority group. They’re not alone either – with Levis, Starbucks and Microsoft to also face the controversy. It’s confused me, that a simple colourful cookie could really do any damage at all – are you honestly going to boycott your favourite cookie over some colourful cream?

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