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We’ve been making a few changes internally and putting new practices into play with regards to our marketing governance, and having other members of our wonderful team share their cool stuff is just one of the changes we’re implementing. So, this edition of Best of Me is a curation of great stuff from Rebecca Guest, one of our strategic planners. (Another reveal coming in a fortnight!)

Elise has also written an insightful blog on “the selfie”, a practice which seems to still be number #1 on the Gen Y list of things to do; and I’m delighted to have had my first guest blog post on how to be a super-human-digital-marketer published with ADMA.

Consumers choose billboard content

Having worked in the digital industry as long as I have, you may think that digital innovation would no longer surprise or impress me. Wrong. This exciting ad campaign for the Google Play Store is a great example of how innovation is creating entirely new channels for consumer engagement. Ooh Media and Google’s pilot campaign in Syd, Melb & Bris airports allows users to download content from interactive billboards using near-field communications (NFC) technology.  Passengers can choose the content they want displayed on the big billboards and then download it (music, movies, books etc) onto their device with the intention of viewing it on their flight.

Online portal for managing mental health issues

If you’ve been a friend of Zuni’s for a while now you’ll know that we are fans of, the online youth mental health service. They’ve just re-launched Professionals, a one-stop portal where professionals who work with young people can find the latest practical resources about promoting young people’s mental health issues. The platform provides tools relevant to their work such as how to refer young people to help services, reviews of apps and other online tools to help with disorders and practical lesson ideas and learning modules. Mental health is such an important issue for our youth, so please do share this link with friends or family who work with youth:  Thank you!

Drones for your food

YO Sushi Drone in London

I’m not so sure about this. I get the gimmick, but in reality, I’m not particularly sure about a Drone delivering my food, nor being my waiter. YO! Sushi in London now have the world’s first flying tray to deliver their food at tables. AeroSight were in the news in June with their DomiCopter – a drone delivery service for Domino’s Pizza. What happens when your drone delivers to the wrong house or table? How can I also ask for another serve of drinks at the same time? Love the concept, the reality I believe is flawed.

Never lose anything again

There’s a great piece of new technology from a start up called Tile – a small Bluetooth tracking device that you can stick to your stuff and is trackable via an iOS app within 150 feet. If your item gets any further away, you can detect the iteam using the Tile app as a “Lost Item”. Ultimately, this is a national lost & found service, isn’t it?  I don’t think a Tile would look so great on my Tiffany bracelet, but it would on my basket-front bike!

Facebook Graph Search – what is it exactly?

Facebook Graph Search

I’d be surprised if you’ve managed to avoid reading about the official launch of Facebook’s Graph Search earlier this month. So what is it exactly? Graph Search allows you to search for people, places, ‘things’… what your friends, and friends of friends like, dislike and do. Think of predictive search in Google, but within Facebook. With this, who and what people can see and learn about you has changed, so it’s important you are aware of how this affects your privacy settings. Have a read here for some more information about the functionality and how you can take some control over your privacy.


2013 Zuni Survey Results

Earlier this year we asked you to kindly complete the Zuni 2013 survey. We were so pleased with the response rate, especially as the survey took approx 15 mins to complete. Thank you! The survey covered a range of questions from how you engage with social media as part of your job through to what you would like to see on our new website.

Your responses have provided us with some great insight and have been thoughtfully considered and factored into our marketing plans and upcoming website re-design (yes, you read it here first – watch this space for a new Zuni website coming soon!).

Here are some of the results we thought you’d find interesting about your fellow BOM subscribers:

  • A majority of your companies see digital as a high priority and are focussed on how to best utilise it for their business
  • 31% of BOM subscribers are ‘creators‘; publishing their own content
  • 37% of you are using social media several times a day as part of your job
  • 26% of BOM subscribers refer to newspapers for digital and marketing information
  • 90% of you said you wanted to see case studies on the Zuni website
  • 29% of you originally connected with Zuni as BOM was referred to you by a colleague or friend
  • 15% of you weren’t aware that Zuni runs tailored educational workshops
  • BOM is your preferred method of communication with Zuni for industry and internal updates. Our website, Linkedin, face to face and blog are also favoured channels.

A BIG thanks once again to all those who took part. We hope our two winners of the restaurant voucher incentive have enjoyed their yummy prize!

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