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There’s nothing wrong with a bit of change and I’m hoping you like the new design of Best of Me. I know you’ll tell me if you don’t!  Aside from tweaking design, we’re celebrating with our latest client win, welcoming Teachers Health Fund. We’ll be working together to realise their full potential in the digital space, setting the strategy and making sure they’re well positioned in the long term. If you’re looking to stay head of the pack, then perhaps you should read my blog about being the shepherd, not the sheep.

This edition of Best of Me comes from Strategic Planner, Bernadine Brewer. And this crazy picture is from a brand new app called Emojify, which converts your photos into a collage of Emojis, the Japanese picture craze taking over smartphones everywhere. If you’re not into Emoji art, you may like 10 classic movies told through Emojis instead.

Sponsored posts – now on… LinkedIn

I logged onto LinkedIn this morning and spotted an ad from Westpac in my ‘News feed’. Sponsored posts are the latest initiative by the professional social network as they move further towards driving platform use by providing relevant content. Although the approach may seem a little ‘Facebook-ish’, targeting relevant content ads to the decision-makers at your clients’ businesses could provide real value for professional services and B2B brands in particular. This simple guide gives you a ‘How To’.

Getting personal

All marketers understand the need to move towards a more personalised approach, but how do you get started? Personalisation is a union of data, technology and marketing, so most businesses are currently ill-equipped to undertake effective personalisation. This helpful article provides an overview of the software tools that are available to businesses to help start you on the right track.

Need social inspiration?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how social content has started to veer on the side of, well, inane. And who hasn’t logged into Facebook to see a stream of ‘funny’ images from brands rejoicing that it’s Friday littering your newsfeed? But social media marketing doesn’t have to be dumb or expected, so the next time you’re in need of inspiration, just click over to Newsfeeder. This site collates some of the most effective and imaginative posts from brands around the world.

Aussie dollar going overseas

A new report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showing just how many Australian dollars are going to overseas retailers. The stats are pretty impressive – like Australians spent about $4.55 billion on domestic online shopping in 2011-12. Clearly customers are getting comfortable with buying online representing a big opportunity for Aussie retailers to tempt consumers to buy local and support our e-commerce stores.

How digital is your doctor?

New research from Accenture explores the role of technology and digital in the future of health. 3,700 doctors around the world took part in the survey uncovering a spike in digital use. The Australian report is an insightful look into the attitudes of doctors, with real relevance for healthcare marketers.

Bits and Pieces

  • Need a new time-waster in your life? Guess the Autocomplete will keep you entertained for hours!
  • Or perhaps you need to introduce a little more productivity into your world? Chronos is a new app that helps you see where your time goes
  • From touchpoints to journeys, excellent long-read from Harvard Business Review, The truth about customer experience
  • If, like me, you depend on your daily caffeine fix to wake you up in the morning, you’ll like this cute and clever campaign from Douwe Egberts coffee in South Africa
  • Always tweeting? Twitter has released a handy guide to help you through that most serious of decisions, what hashtag to use
  • First came Snapchat, now BlinkLink, the service that burns your photos after 100 views. Digital is rebelling against permanency
  • Did you know that it’s now possible to scan the entire internet in just one hour? Here’s what you find
  • Will this be bad news for Pozible? Crowdfunding site Kickstarter will be launching in Australia and New Zealand shortly


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