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There’s no point fluffing if there’s nothing to fluff (no rude comments please), so let’s get on with it. With the long weekend looming, I’m assuming you busy people are tying up loose ends and preparing for the short week in front.

We’re all so busy that I detest brands making it increasingly difficult to buy from them, like Myer. If you’re buying a wedding gift on their registry, you only have a text list to sort through, no images at all and to place your gift you need to print out the wedding registry and take it in store to purchase. Really Myer? Are you that backwards? Perhaps they need to take a leaf out of Burberry’s book…..

Burberry’s mobile first retailing strategy


It seems like a no-brainer, yet it feels we are so far away from the ideal of a mobile-first experience with most brands. In this video, Burberry shows us how their integrated use of the Salesforce platform is allowing them to take the lead and be in charge of their social communications. It’s a single vision to ultimate customer service, interaction & engagement. They’re all buzz words, but I just don’t get that much buzz from other brands whereby Burberry give some buzz back. A “customer 360” – I love it.

Pinterest for Brainstorming


There are many collaboration tools around – and now mural.ly comes to town as a collaborative platform to share creative inspiration, Pinterest style. Just click and drag images, text, video – pretty much anything you like onto a board, group & categorise them and you’re off & running. It’s a great tool that makes working together a lot simpler and more cohesive. I know a global brainstorm would be much easier doing it this way as opposed to circulating country-based PowerPoint presentations!

6 monstrous ways to kill a blog


It’s interesting to see the difference between meeting a blogger and then reading their blog. There is such a difference between expectation and delivery. It’s not uncommon though to make mistakes as we all learn to engage the blogosphere and more importantly, to understand why we are blogging in the first place.  I’ve now come across a blog from ProBlogger that defines the variances we see – and I must admit that I used to be a Mummy Blogger (not to be confused with a mum blogger). Do you know a Vampire, Zombie or Ghost blogger? If you do, now is a great opportunity to realign the purpose of your blog and style.

3D Printers are here


This kind of freaked me out a bit when I saw it for the first time. The curve at which we are experiencing technological development is frightening. Take a look at this 3D Printer called MakerBot. It will print out all of the components to your widget so you can go ahead and build it! As a desktop unit, it comes ready assembled so you basically plug and play. This is the manufacturing revolution in front of me and I can now only imagine the scores of products to which you could apply this.

Google’s Penguin and what he really means


Google’s non-stop changes to their algorithm leave us wondering what the impact on our digital presence is. Elise has taken a look at what the Google Penguin means and how he is different to the Google Panda. Penguin was rolled out in April and affects your SEO – as Elise put it, “Penguin has been cleaning up the SEO streets of web spam and rewarding the sites that are playing by the rules”. Check out the translated version of events and what this means for you on our blog.

Hyundai Home Shopping AR


Imagine:  An AR app that suggests accessories for you based on your current outfit! Let’s all say Hi to Hyundai. Hyundai Home Shopping that is – that’s the same type of home shopping that we experience on late night TV, except better. You basically dress your avatar in goods that you like, add a few accessories and in the click of a button, place your home-delivered order. Imagine no longer. I wish digital TV would just hurry up with this experience and I would literally barely go in store ever again.

Trying to target young people?


In my search for youth focused media for my own project, I’ve found a great partner in StudentEdge – a membership for all students, dedicated to enriching their lives and offering the very best resources focused on Financial Management, Jobs and Career and Life Decisions. There are over 500k national students available at your fingertips who are highly engaged and always looking for relevant information & offers. If you didn’t know about them before, then you do now. Get in touch with Abby now.

Parallax Scrolling


I’m quite a fan of parallax scrolling – it’s just that I didn’t know the correct term of it. In fact, when we built our first website prototype over 2 years ago we decided we wanted parallax scrolling as the main feature. Here I’ve found 30 great examples in action and it’s interesting to see how some have plenty of moving parts and others minimise them with maximum effect. Terrific site for inspiration.

Facebook to charge brands for Offers


Could it be true? I would only expect so – the free model that Facebook has been sprouting for so long can’t surely go on forever? There is speculation by many and no-one will really know what rolls out until it does. Facebook need to make their money, and I wonder how many of their billions of users will continue their loyalty if they had to put their hands in their pockets. I probably would. It’s really no surprise that brands and their fan connections are the obvious low hanging fruit though. It may be time to sharpen your social media metrics and the basis of your ROI.

Bits & Pieces


One of my readers (thank you Zoe) suggested I include a section for extra “bits” – as she’s left wanting more at the end of a newsletter. Very easy to do – hope you enjoy the new section (and keep the feedback coming):

Help a friend of mine?


My dear friend was raising money for the 2012 Sunsuper Ride to Conquer Cancer charity when she herself had a bike accident while training on the way to work one morning. Despite a broken arm and numerous other injuries taking her off the road (both motor and push bike) for 6 months, Jo is determined to complete the ride herself and will be riding tandem with a friend! I ask you to give to this determined woman’s charity – just purchase some cheap raffle tickets (only 3 for $10) with awesome prizes available (prizes drawn 1st October) – sponsor her ride and exchange your sponsorship $ for raffle tix. Easy!


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