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Last week I attended both Mumbrella 360 and the IAB’s Digital Marketer of the Future event held at the Sky Lounge at Sydney Tower. It was really interesting to hear the challenges and impact that digital is having on marketers and moreso, that one of those key impacts is managing change. As a digital marketer, I’m very aware of how quickly things are moving and how difficult it is to keep up, and I’m reviewing and learning about digital technologies every day. How difficult must it be for a brand marketer who has a whole bunch of daily routine to get through before looking towards innovation and trends? The packed event told me that you’re not alone. I hope my newsletter helps marketers muddle through the landscape and makes your job a little bit easier.

Challenges in digital creativity

Mike in Malaysia

Mike was recently in Malaysia for Econsultancy’s Future of Digital Marketing event, addressing the challenges in digital creativity. Mike’s keynote discussed interruption advertising and how brands should be moving into the entertainment and engagement space with their creative executions. There’s so much opportunity out there yet we seem to see a lot of the same experiences. Zuni’s most recent project with The Australian Human Rights Commission needed to combat this problem as well. We were tasked with developing a campaign strategy that addressed racism and more importantly, what to do about it when experienced, for young people. The end result was this video piece called “What You Say Matters” – based on research with young people and produced with real young people, not actors. Take our poll and tell us what you think.

Apple’s Force Detection

There are many motion and emotion detectors being discussed at present in market (or what about detecting emotion in your voice), so it didn’t really come as any surprise to me that Apple are developing a screen which could react to the force of your touch. Instead of just lightly tapping on your screen, you would actually press down on it to activate a command, for example, an on-screen icon could let you control the volume of your device. Pressing down on one side of the icon would raise the volume, while pressing down on the other side would lower the volume. I’d love to see if your phone detects anger that it may perhaps play some Barry White!

Instagram for Doctors

As more HCPs are using their smartphones for research purposes, I’m delighted to see the launch of Figure 1, a photo-sharing app for healthcare professionals. Your local GP can search and share photos of unexplained cases, commenting, tagging or annotating. What a wonderful way to share collective intelligence and support of a global healthcare community. I truly love healthcare innovations, well done Figure 1.

P&G uses eye-tracking to improve ROI

We’re always trying to improve our marketing ROI, but when you’re P&G and your budgets are, well, god-like, any saving on marketing spend means big bucks. At P&G, they’re using eye-tracking technology to test which areas on the screen people are more likely to see and engage with an ad, helping to increase ROI in some campaigns by up to 25%. A number of tests are run on the different placements of ads, such as a Facebook ad versus a display placement on Huffington Post. Technology company Sticky are running the testing and offering optimisation recommendations back to brands. As they say, the eyes don’t lie.

Google’s solar-powered internet balloons

Project Loon in action

Wow, Google have done it again. If you were blown away by Google Glasses (and it’s first porn app) then you’re going to love Project Loon. They’re launching solar-powered balloons into space that can provide internet access to buildings in an area 40km in diameter below the balloon. The project is in early experimental stages at the moment, but the aim is to have a fleet of balloons flying around in the stratosphere, 20km or so above the ground. I’m sure this will give rise (excuse the pun) to debate about whether this is right or wrong, but I for one am excited about the potential. Think free internet access. Assistance for disaster-hit areas. Access for remote areas. Awesome.

Storytime from Penguin

Publisher Penguin is using technology to evolve the favourite family past-time of reading fairy tales.  It’s another great example of how technology is changing our world. Penguin have partnered with Google+ Hangouts and created Storytime Hangout as a way of getting parents and children involved in reading fairy tales. The free app uses a webcam and superimposes faces of the characters in the tale onto those of the people taking part in the Hangout, so they can act out the story. For kids with family overseas, this could be a fun way to interact. Watch this space as I think it’s only the start of some exciting things to come as the publishing world continues to explore ways to incorporate digital into the storytelling experience.

Share-a-Coke splits a can

As a marketer I get a kick out of following & analysing marketing campaigns. The Share-a-Coke campaign was no exception. The campaign exceeded Coke’s expectations, not only in terms of sales, but most interesting of all I think, was the change in behaviour and attitudes it achieved. The campaign resulted in millions of people sharing a Coke literally or virtually and astoundingly changed people’s attitude towards Coke; no tooth-rotting-acidic-sugar-fuelled-drink-used-to-clean-loos here. Nope, it’s all smiles, love and happiness with Coke. And they’ve done it again with this great extension of the original campaign. If you have 1.30mins have a look at this video. It’s live in Singapore only at the moment but I hope we see the ‘happiness truck’ arrive in Australia. This would be an interesting one to watch Australians engage with.

Bits & Pieces

  • Need to know what makes an awesome sales promotion in the digital age? Read my blog about Moccona’s new coffee range and how I myself have convinced 7 other people to buy the new Infused Flavours range.
  • A bit of fun with an original Sega ad from the early 90s.
  • If you’re looking for some awesome customised dashboards that will make geek hearts flutter, then here are 24 of them to relish in.
  • Nothing says boring more than The Like Machine from Pepsi – a vending machine promotion dispensing free Pepsi in exchange for a ‘like’ on Facebook. Yawn.
  • Have a bit of fun with Twitter if you’re using Chrome or Safari – sings out your tweets with a little bird chirp!
  • As I’m teaching the IAB’s Integrated Strategy course today, I thought it appropriate to share some of the challenges that I’ll be addressing in the course material.
  • Mind-boggling data analytics from Wolfram Alpha on Facebook. Things like how the typical number of Facebook friends varies with a person’s age, are just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Google-owned Motorola has debuted an edible password pill that transforms your entire body into an authentication passcode.Mmmm, no thanks.
  • With all the problems VW are dealing with at the mo, I’m not sure a social media-powered car is such a good idea.


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