Harlem Shake, Coke Snowballs, TopShop Does Google+, Beer Dispensing Arcade Games, Custom Maccas


Best of Me – Newsletter

What a cracking couple of weeks it’s been. As our big projects kick off, we’ve added another team member to help us realise our goals. Welcome Rebecca Guest, Strategic Planner. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bec previously (twice in fact!) and with her client centric and thoroughly organised nature, I’m personally really excited about where I can see our business heading.

We’ve been busily preparing for ADMA’s Digital Education Courses too. Get yourselves adequately up to speed with the plethora of courses available. Book now as spaces fill up pretty quickly!

Are you doing the Harlem Shake?


It’s all about shaking at the moment, more specifically the ‘Harlem Shake.’ If you have zero idea what I’m on about, then check out the original shake-stirrer. This meme has pretty much sent everyone into a mad hurry to do their own version. Some of our favourites include the Coast Guard, the UGA Men’s Swim & Dive team and an Army! We did think perhaps Zuni could try one, it was a short lived consideration. BMF’s reminded us why it was a good idea to leave it alone.

Coca Cola Snowball Fights


The brief was to get young people engaged and interested in the endangered Polar Bear and its Arctic environment. The solution? An app from Coca Cola that gets users to start virtual snowball fights. A message regarding Polar Bears and their habitat is displayed on screen before each battle begins. Results show a 20% rise in Coke sales at 7-Eleven locations, in turn raising $1.7m for Arctic conservation.

TopShop partners with Google+


Topshop has brought Google on board in order to use its social presence for the brand’s looming fashion show. The idea is to give fans unprecedented access to every aspect of the event via ‘Model Cam’ – essentially a real-time micro camera worn by a model that enables viewers to see what she sees as she struts her stuff. All of this activity will be supported by a red carpet hangout streamed live on Google+ and YouTube. However, there’s an alternative opinion that livestreaming is ruining the runway shows. What do you think?

Fitness Tracker cuts off your digital arm


Ever skipped a workout? Well this app is about to change your world. Charalampos (from Building Internet of Things) has come up with the brilliant idea to up the pressure on those keen to keep fit. Basically it is a rather clever hack that uses a FitBit tracker and a Belkin WeMo to cut off power to any plugged-in device if the wearer doesn’t reach their fitness goal. Sound like your kind of hack? Read the blog and learn how to do it yourself!

Beer Dispensing Arcade Game


The Big Boss Brewing Company needed people to taste their beer. Solution? Beercade, a retro-style arcade game where winners get brew dispensed into their cup, straight from the arcade machine itself. The old style machines have been adapted with drip trays, cup-holders and sensors (as well as beer). The game itself is simple: five characters, all themed around the Big Boss Brewing labels, who fight over 3 rounds (including ‘signature moves’ such as unicorn horn impaling). The best of three wins, and a sample of beer is automatically dispensed via the Beercade taps. It’s a shame there’s only 1 of them (so far).

Plastic Bottle House


Building a house in Australia is considered a huge financial undertaking, so we can only imagine that this seems like an impossible feat in countries living well below the poverty line. One Brazilian is trying to fight this problem by designing places that are recyclable and more importantly, financially realistic. The latest development in her crusade are homes made from plastic bottles filled with dirt. Watch Garbage Homes and check out her noble mission.

All Things Facebook


  • I am all for babies, seeing as I have some, but SOMETIMES there are ALOT of babies in the Facebook newsfeed. Solution? Unbaby me! This is the funniest thing I have seen in a while. The algorithm searches for baby photos and replaces them with other cool images instead! Thank me later.
  • Facebook basically records most elements of our day to day lives, inclusive of relationships. That awkward moment when you have to hit the ‘single’ button and proceed to delete 100’s of mushy photos of you both together has just been made that much easier by the KillSwitch App which effectively erases photos, videos and wall posts of your ex from Facebook.
  • Is there ever really such thing as a free audience? In Facebook’s case the answer is rarely yes, and according to this Econsultancy article there are a few reasons for that.

Custom Maccas


McDonald’s has decided it’s time to impress the French with localised burgers – enter the McCamembert. McDonald’s is making major efforts all over the place to adapt to local tastes with talk of its very first vegetarian restaurant in India – but it doesn’t stop there! Japan now has its very own Mega Teriyaki, The Middle East has the McArabia (a grilled chicken sandwich served on a flatbread) and Thailand has jasmine rice patties.On a side note, a French review has surfaced stating the McCamembert as a disappointment and SHOCK HORROR you could confuse it for Brie!

Bits & Pieces


  • Nivea sunscreen have created an awesome alarm app for the Brazilian market that only wakes the person if it is sunny and lets them sleep in if there is a downpour.
  • State of Digital Marketing in Australia by Econsultancy has just been released and points to a few key areas for social marketing this coming year including quality of fans, employee involvement and B2B social media. This is a members only report, but if you’d like Zuni to prepare a custom report for you just give me a buzz.
  • Flickr users have been in uproar about the Flickr bug making photos that were private very public indeed! Flickr has somewhat aggravated the problem by setting any potentially affected photos in users’ accounts to “private.” Meaning links/embeds that relate to these images will no longer work.
  • We have all experienced recycled paper, but what about recycled paper made from stone? Bernadine came across an awesome notebook from University of Western Sydney made out of just that! Repap is one of the innovative suppliers.
  • It started with the fridge that could dispense water, and then it was ice, then an internet fridge.  Now? It’s a carbonated water fridge – a fizzie fridge if you like, from Samsung & Sodastream.
  • China bans advertising of luxury goods on TV, billboards and radio – what does this mean for online advertising in China? Expect a massive BOOM for Baidu and Youku. Apparently advertising luxury goods, such as expensive watches and gold coins, “publicized incorrect values and helped create a bad social ethos.” Just an FYI, Badiu = China’s Google, Youku = YouTube.


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