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It’s nearly over, 2 more weeks and bye bye 2012. It’s been a year of change at Zuni as we’ve tightened our product suite, had some staff changes and taken the bull by the horns with new clients on board. It’s a great time for reflection isn’t it, as we get into the spirit of sharing thanks and preparing for all those personal resolutions we never get around to implementing.

On behalf of all the Zuni team, I’d like to thank our clients for their ongoing support of our small business, allowing us to work with great individuals and varied businesses to solve digital problems. To all my readers, your constant positive feedback on the newsletter is really encouraging and rewarding. I hope you all have a wonderful break over the holiday season and are able to kick off the new year with a fresh start. Take care out there, particularly if you’re on a road trip, and we’ll be back in 2013 with more digital news, updates, interesting changes and totally random funny stuff.

AXE does it again with Young and Mature


I’m consistently amazed at how great AXE campaigns are (that’s Lynx here). What they do so well is keep the actual customer in mind – it’s not about brand guidelines or corporate politics, it’s totally about what drives a teenage male – discovering sex. The Clean Your Balls ad from 2010 is an on-going success (despite the Sophie Monk Oz version failing in 2012- it was banned) and whilst I wasn’t a big fan of the Australian Lynx Anarchy Invisible Ad, this is the new Young/Mature campaign from Argentina. You can view 2 different experiences of the ad simply by closing one eye – your left eye shows you a “young” film and your right eye shows you a “mature” film. It’s not porn, but it’s certainly foreplay (well, for a teenage male it is). And if the customer experience is a good one, it’s going to encourage increased spending.

Augmented Dieting


The University of Tokyo have found a way to make this a reality. Essentially they have developed an AR system that ‘tricks’ your brain into thinking you are stuffing your face when you actually aren’t. This system was created based on the insight that part of your ‘full’ feeling is determined by how much food you see yourself eating.

The system employs a camera that sits on your head, which then sends a signal to the pair of glasses you wear to make the food appear larger then it really is. In turn convincing your brain you are eating huge portions, leaving you feel fuller.

Creators claim that during tests users ate 10% less when food appeared 1.5 x larger. It even works in reverse! Hmm could be a must-have for the endless Christmas parties/dinners/bbqs.

Instagram pulls the plug on integration Twitter


Yep, its true, the Twitter/Instagram love affair is over. Galleries of photos have disappeared, with the links still working but without being able to preview the picture within Twitter. Not a totally shocking move by Instagram with its new browser-accessible profiles. If you’re still needing filters on your pics, never fear, Twitter has just added its own photo filters to its iOS and Android apps.

All Things Facebook


  • Are you frustrated by not seeing all the updates from your fave brands in your newsfeed? I am – as I’m a fan of a page because I want to engage with them, but as only 3-7.5% of all Pages updates and posts appearing in my newsfeed, I’m frustrated that I miss out on good stuff. Well if you haven’t discovered it yet, you can now see a newsfeed solely from the Pages you like! Just click on the Pages Feed link on the left hand sidebar of your page.
  • Check out the 2012 most checked-in places, most talked about topics and listened to songs. 11m+ users in Australia and our most talked about band was One Direction? Kill me now.
  • Will you buying Facebook Gifts? I really like this idea – where you can send your friend a gift without even knowing their address. Released in the US, there’s a wide range of prices and categories to choose from – including alcohol for your adult friends. With everything we know about Facebook using our personal details, would you be comfortable giving them your credit card details?

Bentley’s Idea of Luxury


When you’re a high-flying exec, you’d expect to have some digital basics to assist the power trip. Well check out the amazing luxury interior of the Bentley Mulsanne! The special order features include dual iPads and wireless keyboards built into the seatbacks, enabling your mobile office with a built-in wifi hotspot (allowing short range use outside of the car as well!).  Need a bigger screen than the iPad plus a USB? Sure – how about the 15.6″ HD screen at the rear.  Far out!

Apps to Tap


If you’re up for an app update, there are some great ones to check out:

  • Foursquare users can now use “Rager” – a bar-hopping recommendation app. Perfect for the festive season!
  • Kapture are now rewarding you for all those photos you’re taking and sharing.
  • Not here yet but one to watch – Mobilescope examines all the data that apps transfer and alert users when sensitive information, such as name or email address is transferred. Do many of us consider the same risks of leaking personal information from our apps?
  • Left those Christmas cards a little too late to hit the post office? Catch up in a flash using Touchnote, where you can send photos as cards and postcards in a jiffy.

Pinterest Goes Business Style


Finally the Business Pinterest account has landed. No longer is it just a personal playground, but you can create your own business account now as well. The overall appearance is the same but there are a few differences worth noting. Any account being used for commercial purposes must now create a businesses acount and agree to the business specific TOS. Businesses are able to set up their account with a business name as is, unlike personal accounts with first and last names. More features exclusively for businesses are also coming our way – keep your eyes peeled!

Doctor “Retainer”


Dread seeing the doctor because you can’t be bothered with the high fees, time required and effort expended? Well this could be the solution for you. Pearl.com connects individuals seeking medical advice from doctors and other professionals in lieu of physically visiting an office – for a set monthly fee. Quite a good concept really, but not sure if I need my vet on retainer….

Bits & Pieces


  • I do love a good 3D light show – this one’s from SAKS Fifth Avenue in New York.
  • Our Keep it Tame campaign has been in full swing for a few weeks now and I’m proud to release some fab stats.  How about an overall CTR of 0.43% (where the industry average is 0.05%) and 26,000+ unique vistors to the website! <Insert happy dance here>. Elise has written an indepth blog about the process, who’s involved and what an amazing feat it’s been to pull together.
  • Snoopy is still my favourite plush toy, and I still dress him up every Christmas in his Santa outfit. In the Peanuts theme, there is now the Charlie Brown School of Dance – we adults can now learn to dance like Linus, Peppermint Patty and Sally Brown!
  • I love the idea of Kickstarter and all that it stands for. Here are 10 unlikely yet successful successes from 2012. I had reported on the Ostrich Pillow months ago, and one of my favourites that hasn’t made this list is Makey Makey – I’m currently using this to assit disabled children in speech and co-ordination.
  • Private island for rent in Sweden from just $165 per night. I think they’ve missed a great opportunity here to include some pretty amazing features, but the potential is exciting. If floating isn’t your thing, what about this portable one-room hotel that can be placed at any location with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. Future of caravans?


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