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It’s all go go go these last few weeks in the Zuni household, with Mike presenting at the IAB Awards as the Chair of Judges for Creative Showcase, Elise picking up her new friend Humbug (who is very happy on her shoulder), and signing off our newest client win – Macquarie University Campus Life.

Zuni will be developing a student engagement strategy for Campus Life, making sure the experience of students is consistent, entertaining and useful across all digital channels.

There’s plenty more news to share in coming weeks, so keep your eyes open and your ears peeled.

Are you using Google Now?

Billed as offering the right information at just the right time, Google Now sits within the Google Search app, giving users the future of mobile right now. Using Google’s prediction technology and GPS tracking, Google Now will show users traffic conditions, places of interest, appointments, public transport, news updates and other information displayed as “cards” which can be discarded with a flick if not needed.

Booke is your Book Companion

In an industry that’s going through a pretty big transition into digital, we’ve seen great innovations like Penguin’s Storytime Hangout. However, there’s still demand for the physical book and now with your Booke, your perfect companion for reading offers digital search, copying and note-taking facilities. So for example, you can take a picture of the front or type in the ISBN code into the app, type or speak commands such as searches for key terms, copying and saving specific paragraphs or sentences for later and make comments and notes on particular pages. Don’t forget the sharing elements with your friends as well.

Smart Hospitals & Healthcare

Smart Hospital at South Korea

I’ve talked aplenty about the numerous apps that patients can use to communicate directly with their healthcare professionals. There’s the BodyGuardian RMS tracking the health of heart condition patients, or my favourite iBGStar for Diabetic sufferers. But that’s nothing compared to a smart hopsital in South Korea, where patients are connected to core services through their smart phones the moment they walk through the door. Not just a GPS map service, there’s information on scheduled appointments, expected waiting times and associated costs. There’s also a check-in to notify of patient arrival and a payment facility built into the app. We’ll continue to see how consumer technology can improve efficiencies and save time in the healthcare space. Check out the top 10 countries where Doctors go digital (Australia ranks 5th).

World’s First Fingerprint Payment

Just when you’ve got your head around NFC, The School of Mines and Technology is trialling the world’s first pay-by-fingerprint process. The system works at two levels: first it verifies the person swiping his or her finger according to their fingerprint, then it uses this identification to link to a customer account and make a charge. After the purchase is made, the shop sends a receipt to the customer’s email. Fingerprint access isn’t new or rare, but I still find it amazing that Vietnam has become one of the first to ditch the PIN number. Mekong Development Bank introduced a new account that comes with a fingerprint authenticated debit card. The user simply puts their card in the machine, has their fingerprint scanned, and accesses their money if their identity is confirmed. It’s clearly a success – they’ve tripled their customer base since introducing the new account.

Data-driven Gaming

My name is Valentina and I’m a gamer. With all this talk about Big Data, Snowden, NSA and securing our privacy from hackers, I nearly fell off my chair when I came across Watch_Dogs, the anticipated November release from Ubisoft. If the trailer isn’t enough to get you interested in the amount of data we all generate as consumers, you need to watch this info-trailer. It’s so real that I could feel my social footprint coming to life. There’s not been an exciting strategy game, where it’s so reflective of the world we live in right now, introduced to market before. WOW. (Thanks Owen)

Time Machine from Foursquare

More data visualisation? From Foursquare, there’s Time Machine, an infographic-producing representation of where you’ve been, and interestingly, where you should go next to uncover the next big thing. Time Machine makes recommendations of where to go to next based on your GPS history by category. Foursquare is pre-installed on Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and it’s a really nice marketing initiative for brands using the platform. I’ve checked in 482 times, to more than 238 places and have achieved 18 badges!

Telstra’s Smart Controls

I’m a loyal Telstra customer, but that doesn’t always mean I sing their praises. Now, however, I can. Telstra have released “Smart Controls”, where users who are concerned about unwanted calls, SMS, MMS message and inappropriate internet content can manage exposure through the Telco itself.  Smart Controls mean you can protect your family from known viruses or phishing attacks and also block-a-pest, including premium rate numbers. It’s only $2.95 per mobile device, per month – which actually isn’t that much for the safety of young ones. Perhaps you can even protect yourself from drunk-dialling! Nice work Telstra.

Why Lego is the Bomb

Lego’s ability to be far more than a building block is quite remarkable. As we see many brands from the 50s evaporate through lack of innovation and I’m delighted that Lego isn’t one of them. They’ve created 3D recognition together with interactive projection plus a number of innovations in their themes and designs. But what about the simplist of pieces where a woman built herself an artificial leg out of Lego! Perhaps the biggest innovation of all is a 3D Printer made of Lego. Big love for you Lego.

Bits & Pieces

  • Ever been shopping for a dog’s tail to wear that shows that you’re excited about what you see? No, me either. That’s precisely why I think this is hilarious – Shippo from Neurowear developed a brain-controlled tail you can wear which moves according to your mood. Be afraid, be very afraid.
  • Here are 50 interesting stats about content marketing worth a read.
  • Here’s a cool visualisation of tweets in Sydney from different devices.
  • The World’s First Live Tweeting Honey Badger – this is actually pretty cool and innovative for a Zoo. Mike’s favourite animal is a super star!
  • Brilliant concept: Belgium’s Responsible Young Drivers initiative has developed a car park barrier that only opens if drivers pass a breathalyser test. Just another way that smart people are saving lives, as are Austria’s beer label that offers you a ride home.
  • If you’re struggling for a fun and succinct Twitter Bio, perhaps this Bio Generator can give you a hand.
  • Love this – 17 UX effects and transitions that you can use on your website to improve the experience of users getting from A to B.
  • Sometimes you just need to fake your interest in Instagram. Instasham helps you do just that.
  • Urban Bellhop is tapping into the Airbnb customer base by offering a check-in service for those hosting tourists.


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