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After 18 months in the planning, the amazing Young and Well CRC Keep it Tame campaign we’ve been working on is now live! Our unprecedented online campaign is using some amazingly innovative digital tracking methodology to measure its impact on behaviour change. It’s all about online respect and the consequences of thoughtless & hurtful behavior. Check it out and let me know what you think. If you’re a young person and want to get involved, here’s how you can help.

Outside of the Young and Well CRC, we still managed to squeeze in some Melbourne Cup cheer, despite not winning. Kind of sucks that I bought Mike a sweepstake gift and he won! We also said Happy Birthday to Bernadine, our newest strategist 🙂

All you marketers out there looking for digital people – I’m starting to collect an array of CVs with varied talent & experience. If you’re on the lookout, let me know and I’ll see if I have a match for you.

There’s always plenty happening on the digital front, some great creative executions, case studies and examples to sink your teeth into.

Great Creative Executions


I’ve managed to find a number of excellent creative executions lately, which I assure you can be few & far in between. The ones that really caught my attention include:

  • TVC from the Stroke Foundation – which has been removed due to its terrifying nature (yes terrifying, but certainly effective, and is it any worse than the 80s Grim Reaper AIDS ad?)
  • Air New Zealand have capitalised on the worldwide release of The Hobbit with their new safety video.  They’ve also tied in a very clever competition which will take you back to watch the vid time and time again. Congrats to the agency on this one, it’s brilliant.
  • Yahoo! Bus Stop Derby is an interactive game between digital screens with various neighbourhoods. Players rack up points – and the winning team gets a block party with street food, games and surprises. Limited to 800 wristbands of entry, I’m sure plenty of people missed their bus but had fun in the process.
  • Photophore is an interactive light installation – and this project has an amazing projection along the Main River in Frankfurt on a 5 story building. What makes this really cool is that passers-by interact with it using their own smartphone.

Breathing toy lulls kids to sleep


It sounds like a no-brainer really, but if that’s the case then where are the products? Putting kids to sleep is a mission even on good days – and we all know they love the sound of a heartbeat beneath them.  Whilst a Sleep Sheep is somewhat effective with a range of white noise, this Japanese group have developed a Hug and Dream Minnie Mouse, simulating breathing patterns. Either that, or buy yourself a dog – this is my little William fast asleep on our small horse, Heidi. Dogs also last longer than your kid’s sleep problems and offer a great deal more in rewards.

Coke’s Work It Out Calculator


The simplest way to explain weight loss is less energy in = less weight gained. Yes I know that’s generalist but it is what it is. Coke, being a product of much discussion for many reasons, has come up with the Work It Out Calculator – allowing fans to calculate the calories in your favourite Coca-Cola drink with those used up by popular exercises, pastimes and household tasks; e.g. a139 calorie can of Coke could be counteracted with a 17-minute basketball session or 45 minutes of ballroom dancing. If exercise isn’t for you, what about ironing, vacuuming or stair climbing! Now I will admit I’m a Coke fiend, but this to me is plain dangerous as it pretty much “validates” the sugar rush that I crave.   Bad news for diabetics.

“Smart” Traffic Lights Control Traffic


How often are you stuck at a set of lights whilst zero traffic passes through? Frustrating, isn’t it? Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh have come up with an innovative solution allowing traffic lights to control the traffic flow. After studying how ants, bees and termite colonies communicate, the technology prioritises large volumes of traffic on approach to busy intersections.

Urine IS useful!


I used to have a 10 acre property that has its own septic system. If you’ve ever lived out in the country, you’ll know that whilst a septic system is fabulous for so many reasons, there’s a certain aroma that can arise when the grounds are really wet. I thought of that when I read about this amazing invention – a urine powered generator. Not only that, it was developed by a bunch of Nigerian teenagers. Those of us that have run generators would appreciate this immensely.

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