Best of Me Digest – 14/06/12

It’s been all about the Queen these last few weeks and finishing off the Jubilee with a birthday celebration is always a bonus. At Zuni we’ve welcomed 2 new strategists to our team: meet Tim Antric (right) and Alan Clark, who have both travelled over the Tasman Sea to join us. With various backgrounds in large agency environments, their complimentary skillsets will bolster Zuni’s capacity and help us achieve our growth plans.

Jacki is on the downhill run with her pregnancy – her bump continues to round out. She’s also still in the lead up against Mai who is barely showing still.

Facebook’s New Page Admins


Finally, Facebook have released new Page Admins for brands to manage their profiles. It seemed like it took a long time for them to get to this point, considering the competition of HootSuite has been around for a while. I don’t see the 3rd parties as becoming redundant while they service multiple platforms in a single click, though the simplicity of the FB Admin will make it easy for brands with a single presence. The next question raised is going to be all about the frequency of posts appearing in fan feeds – by the looks of things, it’s going to be an interesting journey.

Cybersafety Summit in Canberra on Tuesday


Zuni is lucky enough to be part of Senator Stephen Conroy’s Consultative Working Group (CWG) for Cybersafety, and I have been fortunate enough to attend the 2012 Cybersafety Summit for students, parents and teachers in Canberra yesterday. I’ve mentioned our youth-focused digital safety campaign activity in the past for Young & Well CRC – Zuni actually engaged the Youth Advisory Group on Cybersafety to inform us of issues that young people face in the digital arena, allowing us to uncover the real problems to address and generate online social marketing campaigns for safety & wellbeing as a result. Our campaign is due in market in August so watch this space! You can also check me out with Ruby Rose!

The Next Big Thing in Digital


Elise has pulled together a great blog about the next big thing in digital – from the Zuni perspective. We’ve all pitched in our 2 cents worth of what we think is going to boil over in the coming 12 months and what we can expect. Can’t wait to see what comes to fruition.

Pinterest for Business


I have a habit of dissing something before I’ve used it – which really is a downfall of mine as I’ve been proven wrong many times over. So I decided to put my money where my mouth was and finally try out Pinterest – and I’m slowly becoming addicted. I can now see what all the fuss is about and why women (predominantly) have jumped onboard. There are certainly questions around copyrightbut moreso questions about how to use Pinterest for business – well now you can download a free 43-page ebook which reveals all those answers and how B2B businesses can benefit.

Crowdfunded Bridge


The idea of a crowdfunded bridge is quite an interesting concept – but more so that the length of that bridge will be determined by how much the citizens are willing to pay for it. The Dutch have really got this idea nailed I think, and it made me consider the M5 extension and the contentious North-West Rail Link and the frustrated motorists who have to deal with these (and many other) appauling conditions on a daily basis. Yes I know that’s what we pay our road taxes for, but surely a dollar for dollar match for citizens from government would go a long way to expediting these projects? I’m interested to see how far the Dutch bridge goes! The Annandale Hotel is trying similar right now with their Buy A Brick campaign. Such a great way to engage your audience.

All Things Digital – Mobile Info


If you’re looking for the latest & greatest in mobile, then check out the All Things Digital conference presentation from Mary Meeker (guru) which is crammed with information & stats – we all love graphs don’t we! If you’re over the stats, then focus on the re-imaging of industries.Totally unrelated, how cool is this keyboard?

App of the Week


If you haven’t cottoned onto this yet, get yourself Frametastic. It’s a magic little app that turns your photos into a cool frame composition where you choose the theme and the frame layout, do a simple drag & drop of images and voila you have a great little pic. It’s a nice way of grouping some not so cool pics together to make it very cool.


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