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If you don’t get to go to many industry events, then I suggest you start making some time in your diary to keep your skills fresh and new. Elise and I have had the chance to attend some inspiring sessions lately – AMPLI which is written about below; hearing Sir Martin Sorrell address The Importance of Digital and Emerging Markets (a blog on this to come); and most recently, the Datalicious event, Boosting Your Media Value. The ability to SuperTag and follow the path to purchase with your consumers is paramount in our digital world and if you’re not up to speed with the issues of “Big Data“, then it’s time to book yourself a ticket to the next event.

All things Facebook


It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Facebook hasn’t it? They hit their billionth active member milestone, they launched their first ever TV ad which sees them compare themselves to a chair (23k views at writing) and there’s talk about now letting businesses plug in CRM email addresses allowing hyper-targeting – check out our blog which has ADMA weighing in on the matter inr egards to the Aussie market. In other news, MySpace has relaunched in competition and on top of all that, users appear to be unhappy with the platform and increasingly so. I’m personally a huge FB fan for the right reasons, and despite some of the negative feedback on the TVC, I quite like the idea of belonging and connecting (as do a billion other people) – whilst I’m not a chair, I can see where they’re going with it. Last week I found myself predicting when the honeymoon would end – when will the upward trendline start to go downhill? My prediction is June 2013 we’ll start to see the curve head in a different direction. Let’s see how right or wrong I am. Do you have a prediction?

Musical Engagement


Out of all the industries affected by the digital revolution, the music industry has taken a pretty big hit since the release of the CD in 1981 (though not considered mainstream until a few years later). I constantly make fun of myself when it comes to digital music – I don’t have an iPod and I still spend my money on vinyl and CDs. So when I saw this new release from a Canadian DJ (funnily, DJ Kid Koala), it really made me smile. If you purchase his limited edition physical copy, you will also get a flatpack kit of a miniature working turntable and speaker resembling a gramaphone. Now that my friend is the reason that digital music is so much cheaper, you don’t get the full effect of a little grammy do you!

Love Cricket? Love their suits?


This one caught my attention for a few reasons. Do you know who MJ Bale are? If not, you will after this. Would you believe you can purchase a suit “grazed on” the SCG – to infuse the spirit of Australian Cricket into the suit you’re wearing? You heard me. The groundsmen at the SCG have given a piece of the turf over to MJ Bale to graze their sheep, who give over their woolly coats for the production of suits for the Aussie Cricketers. It’s a brilliant story. I’m not sure I necessarily believe it, but the story is very patriotic and from a marketing perspective is brilliantly crafted. Considering the campaign is an Effectiveness Finalist in the ADMA Awards, I’m guessing it’s been a financial success for the company as well.

Thank you McDonalds


My biggest gripe with digital is the lack of any ability to pay for things in Australia using my mobile phone. Heck, I could even pay for my parking by mobile in a remote village in England (and I mean remote). Sometimes it takes an evangelist, like the iPhone to educate the masses on internet-enabled capabilities, resulting in mass penetration quickly. I’m hoping that the McDonalds mobile payment trial in France may be our mobile payment catalyst.

Free Twitter Analytics Report


The lovely Elise found this one – just pop your Twitter handle (or any handle you’d like a report on), and yes, you do have to tweet it yourself (great self promotion) and you’ll be sent a pretty indepth report analysing your activity across Twitter – who your users are, where they are, how awesome they are at tweeting etc. It’s pretty cool and very easy to download into a PPT.

2012 Mobile Data from AMPLI


If you’ve been a reader of mine for over 12 months, then you’ll be as keen as I was to download the 2012 Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index report from AIMIA released last week. Packed with great Aussie stats year on year, my top 3 highlights include:

  1. There is no real preference between using a website or using an app
  2. Active engagement in mobile advertising is increasing
  3. Anticipated forecasts for tablet ownership see us at 70% by June 2013

Is Everyone Sexting?


It’s pretty controversial, particularly when you associate youth with sexting – and I’ve read comments like “before cell phones, there was no such thing as teenage sexuality” which only made me burst out laughing (sorry, LOL). Just consider for a moment that sexting, in one way or another, is quite normal behaviour and god love the Swiss, they’re proving it. They’re actually field-testing a device to give amorous cows a way to send texts to show they are ready for some action. The project hopes to make life easier for farmers, who in the past have had to keep a close eye on their livestock to figure out when they are getting frisky – and pair them up with a bull before they change their minds.

Bits & Pieces


  • MIke’s blogging about the sales contribution that comes from social media. Does it actually drive sales? Amazon says it does, Twitter seems to be performing.
  • About to add some ecommerce buttons to your website but not sure how they should look? Check out these tips & tricks from Econsultancy on best practice.
  • Gucci does Pinterest with a “pinnable banner ad” – very cute considering this is very easy to do, but is it effective? At least it’s clever.
  • This invisible bike helmet gives the Ostrich Pillow a run for it’s money. Try convincing a policeman that you’re actually wearing a designer helmet!
  • Remember those cool 404 error pages? Now you can donate them to a charity for finding missing children – it’s got to be one of the easiest ways to help a good cause.
  • Did my 3D printer clip make you as nervous as I am about our technological future? What if you turned that amazing printer into a gun manufacturing machine?


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