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Starting with the most important issue, today is my birthday! It’s come straight off the back of celebrating Greek Easter too (Xristos Anesti to those of you who get it) and overdosing on lamb (if that’s even possible). My special day isn’t the only day we’ve been celebrating at Zuni, either. We finally managed to get the whole team in the same place at the same time long enough to have lunch together. We went to Pendolino at The Strand to celebrate Zuni turning 3 (I can highly recommend devouring their lasagne). Thank you to all our clients who have supported us over the last few years! Big cheers to us for the next 3 and beyond.

A big congratulations shout-out to Janet from beautydirectory and Anne from Fuji Xerox who were our winners in our recent Client Survey competition. We always appreciate the time it takes to complete a customer survey, but it aids our business development immensely and we are very grateful. We hope you enjoy your delicious restaurant vouchers.

Putting champagne glasses aside, there’s plenty to talk about over a keyboard, so here we go:

Social Security of a different kind


What would you do if Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram all dried up overnight and your social investment just vanished? Part of me would be relieved, but there’s a bigger part that would be devastated, because I really value my social connectedness and the effort that I’ve invested in these platforms to make those connections robust. Frostbox is a one-stop backup for all your social media accounts in the cloud in real-time. Frostbox stores all your social data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram, Foursquare, Tumblr, and Gmail, plus files from outside of social networks. That’s one insurance policy that may just be worth the consideration.

The Battle of Branded Content


There has always been branded content, but the last few weeks have seen a host of brands entertaining us with their attempts at it. Mike has written a blog reviewing each one – from Dove, KMart and Evian. It’s likely you’ve seen these populating your newsfeed in one way or another, but it’s interesting to see which emotional connections are actually working and which ones are turning us right off. KMart has had me laughing every step of the way, whilst Evian put me to sleep and Dove reminded me of Photoshop capabilities. Which one do you like best?

Abandoned Basket Emails – Best Practice


This is probably my favourite topic at the moment – the opportunity that lies within the abandoned basket for etailers. I think it’s a huge opportunity because I’m an online shopper who is screaming out to give etailers my hard-earned cash, but they just don’t embrace me as a consumer by simply looking at my purchase behaviour. Here are some really basic tips on how to convert the 73% of purchases that are left idle in baskets, using the greatest digital channel: email.

Mobile Search Report from Nielsen & Google


There’s a new report out from Nielsen & Google called Mobile Search Moments – Understanding how mobile drives conversions. The report looks at when and why consumers use smartphones to search and their resulting actions. There are some pretty awesome stats in here which can inform some great marketing insights, like how three out of four searches triggered actions – from additional research (36%) to a website visit (25%) to a store visit (17%) to a purchase (17%) to a phone call (7%) – with an average of each mobile search triggering at least two of the above actions. Conversions also happened quickly after a search, with 55% occurring within just one hour of the original search. Highly recommend you download this gem and digest its goodness over a cuppa.

Red Bull’s Success Secrets


I often use Red Bull as a brilliant case study on social media success. Now you can read all about their channel selection and data optimisation from Simply Measured, using their Complete Social Snapshot Report. With a combined social audience of more than 42 million users, there are plenty of lessons to be learned from the best in the business. Some of the numbers are pretty outstanding, like how their least engaged audience on Google+ is 1.7 million strong, whereas their most active channel is Twitter.

Twitter’s Music App


A couple of weeks ago, Twitter launched their new music app, #NowPlaying. Using tweets and engagement (of the people you follow) to detect popular music and artists, you can now navigate to the hashtag to view and listen to those songs. The app sources come from iTunes, Spotify or Rdio. It defaults to iTunes for previews for exploration and subscribers to Rdio and Spotify log in to enjoy full tracks where available. Within 24 hours of Twitter Music, Spotify had beaten iTunes as the most shared music service with #NowPlaying. The music landscape is an interesting one to watch, and I’d like to see how Spotify plays out now that the early adopters have influenced the uptake of the new app.

Weetabix Pay-By-Picture


Capitalising on the connected consumer is a beautiful thing, and I’m delighted to see someone like Weetabix in the UK be brave enough to put their money where their mouth is, so to speak. Consumers take a photo of the Weetabix On The Go biscuits using their smartphones and present the photo at any Boots store in exchange for a pack of the new breakfast product. It’s a great launch campaign, with the expectation that it will generate a loyal customer base for the new product. Redemption tracking in Australia usually prevents this type of innovative launch, but I wish other brand managers could be a bit more brave here. Great stuff.

Family Communication App


I hear many a story where social media and mobile apps have “ruined lives” – and I can see where things can go terribly wrong. My own mother proclaimed that people won’t know how to communicate with each other any more because of technology. The Italians, a family-oriented bunch, have created the Save The Mom app. It helps modern families by aggregating shared family info which usually ends up on SMS, through phone calls, emails, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. It can even dish out the family chores and events. Considering it’s not cool to be friends with your mum on Facebook, this app could be a killer solution.

Bits & Pieces


  • A big thanks to one of my current ADMA students, who alerted me to a great new app that’s taken over my world – the Plane Finder AR app! Yep, you can track those planes in the sky, where they’re headed and what type of plane, etc. Just point your camera and the AR comes to life. Fascinating!
  • The Most Powerful Arm in the World just isn’t getting the right traction for what it can do – and it’s helping the important Save Our Sons charity in the process. This is indeed powerful, how technology can change your life in a heartbeat; we just have to afford it.
  • Need the latest benchmark stats for your email open rates? Then make sure you download Silverpop’s latest international report.
  • 12 terrible (but funny) places to work – images from stock photography that will have you asking “what were they thinking?!”
  • How do you feel about an underground park in an abandoned rail tunnel? Not for me, but perhaps for Londoners.
  • Homophobic language is often hurtful, sometimes unintentionally – see how often do we use it without thinking? Cute interface.
  • How to optimise your contact forms on your site – terrific infographic from QuickSprout showing what works best.


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